Staking VS Masternodes – How to EARN MORE PASSIVE INCOME in CRYPTO!

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Will you earn more money staking coins on Proof of Stake PoS or will you earn more money by running a cryptocurrency masternode? Let’s compare staking profitability vs masternode earnings! Sub to VoskCoin for more!

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Proof of stake as a blockchain consensus mechanism has been gaining more and more popularity lately, but Energi NRG deployed their PoS and Masternode blockchain a couple years ago. Energi NRG has made staking easy and available from within their wallet for awhile now, they also made deploying a masternode easy based originally off of DASH. Energi NRG forked to their Energi 3.0 blockchain which makes them an Ethereum competitor and they also reduced the masternode collateral requirement from 10,000 coins to 1,000 NRG’s. Today we review how to earn the most money and coins in passive income in cryptocurrency, comparing staking profitability with masternode profitability — basically is it better and more profitable to stake your coins or will you earn more money running a masternode?! Let’s review how to maximize your returns in cryptocurrency!

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VoskCoin says:

Subscribe to VoskCoin for more!
Learn how we are using Crypto Earn to stake popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos, Chainlink, MCO, and CRO along with the $50 code here
Review our full NRG staking vs masternode report here

Naims Kanabar says:

Hi I only just joined your discord as I found the vids that you do interesting. Being completely new to all this I thought I would type a message asking a few things on the discord. Now it seems like I am locked out cant see any messages on the board nor can I type. I am not spamming, I just would like to learn. username: Naimsk on discord

Ease_Ugos says:

8 months later does staking still net more profit then masternodes?
Keep up the amazing content

Falling Shadow says:

Staking w/ Vsystems is highly underrated. Very low cap at the moment.

smith mark says:

fextyhackers,com never fails they are real hackers, i got a payment from them…

Elroy Daniels says:

Please do a review on UMI coin and royclub

Ghost Tiger says:

Can you adjust the Ocean server speed or over clock at all or is it automatic for staking and or master noding ? Does the Server option work good with other cryptos, if so which ones ? Have you tried server logging into NiceHash or another service to see if you get a better return ? I like the server setup plus someone else monitors the server, security and risk of fire which is cool and darn right cheap plus making money while you sleep is great!!!

Simon kuje says:

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David Pazouki says:

General information: KuCoin currently disabled withdraw of NRG

Ban Hedervary says:

I'm quite surprised that you completely overlooked PIVX, which is currently doing a complete revamp of the masternode network code, it might become the best masternode coin in 2021. It is a true Proof of Stake + Masternode coin, with the most advanced PoS algorithm and soon the most advanced masternode network code with full tests cover around masternode area code. All work is public on the github.

Tennouseijin says:

Regarding this Kratos scammer, if he claims he wasn't doing anything wrong, just giving people an expensive lesson, then when they put him in prison and take back stolen money they can tell him it's nothing personal, they're just giving him an expensive lesson.

Leah Roberts says:

I make huge profits on my investment since I started trading with Mrs Katherina Flores, her trading strategies are top notch

Purple Alien says:

so whats [time staking vs yield farming vs liquidity pools and autopools] lol somebody simplify this please

sin tao says:

I can believe I get my $15000 worth of bitcoin after trying him out… He can also help you 5202545100.. I strongly recommend him…

Foofer Bob says:

I have tried it out with $500 usd. My node earned about $17 worth of NRG in the first month.
thanks for the videos.

ayinde oluwafemi says:

How can I stake this ENERGI coin with my mobile device
Any wallet supported this?

Juergen Bappert says:

Really amazing – did not expect that much: +12.3% net for September

Cyberben says:

VPS Core Node Stake set!

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