Earn $400 Daily Copy & Pasting (FREE Passive Income)

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Earn $400 Daily Copy & Pasting (FREE Passive Income)

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24 malayali says:

Hey guys I can help you. So what you have to Complete is contact the artist and give your affiliate link from digistore to the artist so he will post an art which is based on the affiliate link on the post so all the interested people will purchase the product and you will get the commotion! Don't forget to give atlest 45 persent of the Money you made to the artist

Abhinav Toppo says:

Dude, this video was one of the best helpful video for affiliates.cool bro liked it…

kit des says:

Hi do you know tsu? It's a social app that pays you for the views and likes you get every day! Try it, when you register as "invited" put Footballonly 👍.

Lalith Kumar says:

Please make a video on the website 'simply hired. com' please 🙏😭🙏😭

Alliah Joyce Amurao says:

what happenned ,the last part is incomplete

Sara Gng says:

please make a video where I can use my phone and earn🙏with that money I can buy a laptop and work😟


Incomplete vedio bro

Neria Coronel says:

Hi.Dejan. This specific video is unfinished 🙂

Digital Entrepreneur says:

Another one from investor

Vikram Bhardwaj says:

Hey man please follow my spotify playlist


Hey dejan you forgot to put the whole video.

Rajesh Nandha says:

Video ended midway. How do we promote the link to the artists? Please create a new complete video.

MR KABIR says:

I need 10000 subscribers in 1 months

MR KABIR says:

Please help me

MR KABIR says:

Un investor I have see a video how to grow YouTube channel but I can't understand from which site I can grow my

MR KABIR says:

How can we grow our yt channel

Akhalesh Mishra says:

The video is incomplete 😢

Elsabe Gelderblom says:

Oky interest ing

joseph hunter says:

Please mr investor i was suggesting on giving us tips and tricks for fiverr mostly for beginners

Sheryar Saleem says:

This is incomplete video where is the remaining part??

Upliftment true motivation says:

Love it💸💸💸😎👍

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