Ranking 10 Passive Income Ideas from WORST to BEST (Make $500-$1000+ Per Month)

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In this video I rank 10 Passive Income Ideas from WORST to Best! I hope you enjoy. There’s a common misconception that Passive Income is completely passive. It almost always takes some up front work to get it to a point where it is “passive”.

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10 Sell Photos Online

9 High Interest Savings Accounts

8 Writing a Book/eBook

7 Online Course

6 Renting Stuff Out

5 Membership Websites

4 Online Business

3 Affiliate Links

2 Start a YouTube

1 Dividend Investments

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Shimyshog FTW Gaming says:

Ah yes, the OTHER "Creators"

Thomas Ruiz says:

What are some good REIT's to look into?

RVG Investments says:

Cool I just started one of them such as Investing in dividend ETF's on Acorns but I have to wait 5-10 years to find out if it works out though. Also compound dividends reinvest has to wait for a years too.

First Last says:

Question: can you do a weekly series of viewer questions?

fingofongo says:

Good vid, thanks! Btw, the list in the description is a different order

Addison Callan says:

How do you search for companies that pay higher dividends like your examples of REITs and CocaCola? I personally use Robinhood but not sure where to start looking for a given company to find that information.

Chad Alexander Bowman says:

Selling covered calls is a great way to generate passive income on stocks you want to hold long term.

Zeandre Lee says:

Iwas very active before my stroke. Just the topic i was looking for. More please. Thank you sir

Shepherds_ Grandma says:

Definitely some great ideas!!! Thank you for sharing.

Ali Akça says:

thanks for advice man

ZaidProductions says:

Goaaaaatt 🐐🐐🐐🤑🤑. also i saw your reply on the bot saying im lonely 🤣🤣

Lana Weston says:

I'm Alone 😍😥

Teamobile says:

Yes new video !

Austin Dumas says:

Let’s go!

xxkinetikxx says:

Whoo hoo! Always look forward to your videos!

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