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Channel For Options Trading And More!

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Enjoy stocks trades and options on Robinhood? You came to the right place. This channel specialized in large trades and risky options trading on Robinhood. Gains and losses of me and others. Lots of simple financial advice and best picks in the market!

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(Disclaimer: This channel has been prepared for informational purposes only and is not intended to be used as an only source to invest in different companies. Individuals should never invest in the securities of any of the companies’ talked on this channel as a guaranteed way to make money. Don’t just use this channel to invest. Please assume that all information provided regarding companies and their securities is not trustworthy unless verified by their own research. Invest wisely and use this channel to help!)


sprsumfalwin says:

Stocks with 1.5%-3% dividend with upward trend are better imo. For example wmt, tgt, hon, hd, abbv, low, so, sphd

Nick Prepejchal says:

Where's our Tuesday market open poll??

Jonathan Ayers says:

.lol come on man, "very slow growth up" after quickly clicking away from the 3 Month chart showing a $7 ( 20%) decline….

Martim lima Castro says:

Despite Economic crisis stock market crash this is still a good time to invest

Capitalism I am says:

On selling puts if the stocks goes down ,does your premium decrease ?

Andrea Mugnai says:

Come on you know that WFC doesn’t pay 6% dividend

Kokomo Loop says:

Is it better to buy 100 shares of apple and then do sell call with it or should i do sell put on 100 share of Apple for 120. The price is 120 now. Which one is better?

Magret Elisafoley says:

Nice content there, for myself i would say am happy and satisfied with the positive results and adequate profit i get whilst investing with my broker Derrick Payne, he manages my capital so well and cuts down losses even when the stock market goes downward.

Aryan Hatrk says:

I recorded numerous losses trading Bitcoin by myself until my in-law referred me to Mr smith lewis trading, now I take keep making huge weekly profits with him as my broker,he's a genius.

Vihaan Reyansh says:

Mr Josh S. Lewis prove to me that I can count on him anytime any day and he will deliver, his way of handing my trades gives me utmost joy, why? Because i have never lost a single time since I started investing with him.

Abdus Shakur says:

I received my payouts without delay of payment and any attachment of fee, now i can start making more money with the help of Mr josh smith Lewis


My interest has always been in stock investment. was renewed after having accumulated 4btc in a month with josh smith Lewis signal. I now see trading Bitcoin as a means to an end if I can put in more effort and resources.

Damini signh says:

Since 8 months ago that I started trading with Mr josh smith Lewis….none of he's or her trader have complained of losses or scam…they keep on earning…thank you Mr Lewis you are man with a good heart.

MoneyX says:

Great video keep up the good work!

Omar Richardson says:

Wells Fargo doesn’t pay monthly dividends. It’s every quarter

Lakitu_SonGod says:

Make more vids like this, im tryin to learn opinion i suck at them

Ricardo Ortiz says:

Citigroup & Oracle looking good

Jouan Yu says:

Anyone wanting cheap, slightly riskier stocks to sell covered calls/puts on (70-100+% IV so you can expect 2-3x the premiums mentioned in this vid), you can choose the airlines (AAL, DAL, UAL, LUV, JETS), Cruiselines (NCLH, CCL), and Electric Car companies (WKHS, NIO, LI).

gambit sandwhich says:

Hey thank you for all the videos you do everyday!!!!

Jackie Lin says:

Wells Fargo is safe?

Brenn says:

“Equivalates” actually killed me. 🤣

kristian martinez says:

Haven’t seen money in motion since the crash👀

D Sell says:

Wells Fargo,… ?!?

Abigail Goddard says:

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🏆🏆🏆

Erfan says:

I don’t have + sign in my RH option why ??

George Alley says:

If the option expires and you don't have to buy the shares how long until your colatteral is released

Vansh Rai says:

Selling calls in the most dangerous way to get passive money! Instead play in the money debit spreads or calls

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