7 Passive Income Idea Streams To Start TODAY!

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7 Passive Income Ideas To Start TODAY For Regular People
Passive income is one of those things you have to build over time. I remembers like it was yesterday when I was only making 5-10 a month in passive income. By connecting and learning from others I was able to generate thousands of dollars of passive income every single month.

Here are 7 streams of passive income you dont have to be a youtuber to create!

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Brad Finn says:

What Passive Income Streams Are You Taking Advantage Of?

Investing Teacher says:

Hope you have a safe day at school tomorrow.

Alex Pirate says:

Wouldn’t you need over 100k in savings to get the 160$ a month. I was getting about 25$ a month and it’s been slashed since interest rates have dropped

Lissa K says:

I love this, congratulations ❤️ I have a Linktree for my small side business and made about $140 in credit in August towards my internet service for referring friend's and Instagram followers. That was huge for me lol

Frank Mularcik says:

So glad to see you succeeding with passive income man! I'm hoping to get there eventually; you're certainly inspiring me.

Trevor Hassel- Investing and Personal Finance says:

Working on building passive income man! Boy is it an intense process. Gotta enjoy the journey! It will be worth it!


Excellent video and all of it is very obtainable with the right mindset and drive.

moneybee says:

It's always exciting to see passive income at work! Great job, and keep it up!

Robin Ruane says:

No passive income here YET!! But after struggling for years I got to a place where I could afford to start investing and you have inspired me to work towards getting started with the wheel strategy. 😎

Aaron Azevedo says:

Great video Brad! I'd personally be interested in how your real estate loan compares to investing in a high quality REIT. Seems like there would be less overhead going the REIT route, but I'm not sure.

Grow with Will - Level Up Your Business Skills says:

Congrats on three years of YouTube. A ton of creators who put in the work years ago are the ones benefiting today.

The lesson to us all: just start!

Grow with Will - Level Up Your Business Skills says:

YouTube is coming in hot for you, Brad. Keep it up!

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