Dividend Income Portfolio Producing $800/month! | 💰 PASSIVE INCOME | FIRE MOVEMENT | Ep.9

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August is now in the books for the dividend portfolio. The dividend income portfolio went from $283.231 to $291,572 with fresh capital in the amount of $43,000+ being deployed (including the stocks that I sold were reinvested).

I sold off TRV and PPL. I bolstered several positions such as KO, DUK, and SO.

The average weighted dividend yield on the portfolio is just at 3.38 yield with the CAGR right at 8.09%. The average weighted beta is .77. Although I don’t focus on low beta specific stocks or high CAGR stocks, my investing style in general will have lower beta. Some of the larger dividend paying stocks like Apple and Microsoft will have higher CAGR but lower starting yield. This is just the nature of the game.

My annual dividend income is now a healthy $9,617 With a monthly average of roughly $800. The dividend portfolio has a total of 34 positions.

Maybe by the end of September will be above $10,000 in annual dividends! This is way beyond my goal for this year, but this sell off was unexpected.

I received several dividends in the month of August. Below are the dividends received for the month of August in the amount of $474.03. They all have been reinvested in my Schwab accounts.

Date AmountTotal
VZ 2020-08-03 68.67
T 2020-08-03 110.74
APD 2020-08-10 24.22
AAPL 2020-08-13 20.55
O 2020-08-14 28.21
CL 2020-08-14 27.90
ABBV 2020-08-14 62.44
PG 2020-08-17 51.74
CAT 2020-08-20 54.89
SBUX 2020-08-21 24.67

[10]…Total dividends received for the month: $474.03

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Lydia Santiago - My Investment Journey says:

Your stock tracker is beautiful!!!

MrTBoner911 says:

I going heavy in VYM and SCHD lately.

Cassie Aran says:

GREAT CONTENT!! Let me just share to you a quote, "A wealthy person is simply someone who has learned how to make money when they're not working." – Robert Kiyosaki. You become financially free when your passive income exceeds your expenses!

Road to FIRE says:

Always love your analysis! Just got my first dividend payment coming in and it's not $474. hahaah But this is very inspiring!

mike robinson says:

Hi , which dividend stocks have the best monthly yields?

edward hern says:

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Think Money says:

This is crazy I was just looking at VYM before this watching this video & thinking about stuffing $10k in VYM. I was looking at the premium in the options chain & it’s not bad. Did you place any cash covered puts on VYM to acquire shares or did you just purchase it outright?

Lordslade1 says:

Great vid Dave…alawys a good day when you drop a vid. I been looking at some ETFs these days myself man……..Keeping more of your time by letting etfs do the word is priceless I think

UCFgoKnights says:

Nice port.. .and nice spreadsheet!

Firefighter's Financial Toolbox says:

Great update Dave! Yes XOM is my biggest loser currently also.

Re-tire says:

Just missed that Sept 1, INTC dividend for the August total.

GW ETF Channel says:

Next thing you know the portfolio is going to be VYM/QQQ! Oh yeah and O! Nice job Dave!

Frank Mularcik says:

I never noticed that you had APD, I think you're the only person I've seen that has it. I only have APD (no ADP) and I still get them confused lol. Once you get that lump of cash you should be pretty close to 1k a month Congrats!

Retire with Options says:

Most of the other commenter's have beat me to the punch. Congrats on the increases and expected windfalls. When you can see the journey's path, it makes it easier to keep taking that next step.

Growing Financially says:

Thank you for the great update, have a lot of work to do to get to that point. 🙂 thanks for sharing gives me inspiration to keep heading for my goal.

Joy Mae - Millennial Money Talk says:

$800 a month in dividends is BOSS

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