T.I. Gives Tax Tricks & Passive Income Cheat Codes

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brit miss says:

Pure Gold Nuggets

Jim Rr says:

Don't vote for socialists. Don't vote for earnings confiscation. Socialism is just a lesser form of enslavement.

jay c says:

T.i. gave me tax cheat tips☺…then snitched on me as soon as i thanked him 😟

katrina chisley says:

Her name is Lynn Richardson

MrElprototipo2012 says:

Power to the people

TruthlySpeaking317 says:

The IRS reduced deductions you can file now with self employment…soo where's the link to these 457 deductions she speaking of?

Nunya Biz says:

This is why black Unity is so important, and so mission-critical

hamilton timothy says:

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Andrew B says:

This is general information and not some eye open facts it's on the front page of government website….and you have to justify your deduction which takes $$$$…if you guys want real financial advice @nomad capitalist is the channel 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

Cee Tee says:

5:18 alot of women fly out themselves tip!!! They aint waiting on no man!!!

PAP3RMAN 732 says:

Thanks Miss

IJM Bahamas says:

What's her name?

antonio prado says:

But deducting too much can also get you against mortgage loans or other lenders. If you make 80k but deduct 40k you made 40k that year on paper

What do I do than cause the only other thing I know is doing depreciation. But u can't depreciatetools vacation etc

Zach Van Harris JR says:

I hope you got your bowl and your spoon out

Zach Van Harris JR says:

IRS, open up!! 🚪 👀

Benjamin Xiong says:

Why does Ti looking like Mello? 😆

Salvador H says:

Where can i follow this smart woman ?

KVNG MJ says:

I’ve been preaching this for the past year‼️ Ran into Lynn on the way‼️ This is so important‼️ Get your LLC immediately; don’t wait… There’s a few months left to still claim taxes for this year ‼️We need you‼️👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

ObiJuan Kenobi says:

He's very informative…..cause he's an informant.

George Reiss says:

Remember to keep your receipts!!!!!!

OC Guy says:

whats her name

hectormiguel05 says:

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Jay Little says:


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