OUR SEPTEMBER 2020 BUDGET – New Passive Income Plans, HUGE Budget Changes

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Budget with me (or us) for September as we go over more passive income plans and even more changes to our budget layout. We began budgeting 8 years ago after running into Dave Ramsey. We became debt free 3 years later and have been budgeting ever since.

• Our Budget Template (free): http://www.mikethemathman.com/budget
• Our Robinhood Invite Code (grab a free stock): https://join.robinhood.com/michaem27270
•Gear We Use for Our YouTube Videos: https://www.amazon.com/shop/mikethemathman?listId=2F90KJ814LCXF
•Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsmikeandbrit

0:00 – Intro
1:03 – Free Budget Template
1:20 – August Budget Recap
6:59 – September Budget (and changes)
12:55 – More ideas for Passive Income


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Pfaffinator says:

More people need to watch your videos and learn your financial tips and tricks

Pfaffinator says:

Excellent video!

Michelle Gets Smart says:

You guys are awesome! That’s all!

Joshua Butler says:

Agree. August was a blip. My wife and I also want to be financially free. We'll get there! I love your optimism!

DannaRose11 says:

I really enjoyed this video! Brit is clearly getting much more comfortable in front of the camera and you are both doing amazing! Thanks for the info!

Michael Swaim says:

You guys have 11.5 months of living expenses covered as of end of September. Time to start investing for long term value. Maybe dividend stocks.

go and do says:

Hey Guys! Enjoying the channel. I know this wasn't the point of the video but wanted to pass along a women's hair color tip. I've switched to Madison Reed hair color a few months ago and have had great luck with it. $25 every 2 months or so! Woohoo! Great savings! (And great tip for a pandemic 😉). You two are an inspiration 💜

Journey from DEBT to WEALTH says:

Yesss, august flew by, But I just computes my networth as of August 2020, my 3rd month tracking it and it greatly increased! So August was a huge month!! Thank you for sharing and being transparent. Helps so much to see others!

Lexi M says:

Great video! It really helps seeing everything broken down. My fiancé and I got lazy with our monthly budgets after we paid off all our debt. We still save like crazy but this motivated me to get back to it. Budgets are very helpful. Thank you so much!

Amy TRex says:

Can I ask… what do y’all eat? Our grocery budget is so high + eating out a a few times a month. Our grocery budget includes household items like cleaning products… but still..wondering how you keep your low. As for furniture… I like to shop Craig’s list and items for sale on my neighborhood app. FB market place is also a good place to find gently used furniture. I have scored some really good, name brand, pieces of furniture for a fraction of the cost.

Chaotic Harmony says:

I think you will find that by the time you have enough passive income to afford the fancy car you will no longer want to buy one…..I had those same thoughts many years ago (I wanted an S class Benz). Now that I can afford it (using only my passive income) I don’t really care about it anymore. All shiny things look nice when you can’t have them…

Retired & Loving It! says:

Thanks for being so transparent 👍

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