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Get FREE $1.68 Every 20 Seconds! (Passive Income 2020) | Branson Tay

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Mercy Gazimbi says:

Yes Branson. I have those 3 things you mentioned.


my country is nigeria

Israel Ebenezer says:

thanks branston tay i love watching your channels, please sir how i wish you will post how to make money through graphics designing , am a graphics designer but i dont have job still searching help me out sir . i need money to finish my education.

kuami ogono says:

Kuami Frm Nigeria I have all three of them

Richard Harvey says:

Thank you sir,I'm new to the online thing but willing to try.I'm from Jamaica.

Ridwan Kamilu says:

Pls Nigeria am in Nigeria bro

zainab ashfaq says:

we can only recieve money in paypal acc??

Masum Bhuiyan says:


antoni ifeolise asuai-chegwe says:

I have my Android smartphone

Phumeza Nndzombane says:

I actually have 3 of them

Jithu Mv says:

hai from India

Obadiah Kuria says:

Hello, i just found this,i am not employed and looking for the best online jobs to do,kindly shade on this more

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