7 PROVEN Ways to Make Passive Income $100 PER DAY

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Make Passive Income Online, 7 PROVEN Ways to Make $100/DAY with a Passive Income Business. While it may seem far fetched you can earn $100 a Day or more with Passive Income if you do enough upfront work. Nobody makes money in their sleep overnight, but you can build a business that generates automated income through transactions 24/7/365.

The way that I look at Passive Income and try to turn it into Automated Income, is by focusing on Transactions instead of Labor. I have to do labor upfront, but the way to make this passive income is to create MULTIPLE scenarios, where someone can SPEND money with me, anytime they want.

By doing this you are creating a CASHFLOW Business, and my version of it not only allows me to make passive income from multiple paychecks every month but also to have daily transactions that allow me to make money that goes into my PayPal or Stripe account.



00:00 – INTRO
00:54 My $100K Wakeup Call
03:40 Passive Income w/ YouTube Ad Revenue
05:52 Passive Income w/ Amazon Affiliate Marketing
08:53 Passive Income w/ Print on Demand Products
10:53 Passive Income w/ Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing
13:41 Passive Income w/ Digital Download Products
16:16 Passive Income w/ Subscription Services and Memberships
18:15 Passive Income w/ Selling Online Courses

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Naptural Laricia says:

Yes thatโ€™s true Youtube will pay you well in ad revenue it depends on your niche and the amount of support that you receive from your audience. I didnโ€™t know that Wix pays for blogs that is interesting. All of these are great ways for the passive income thank you for sharing Roberto โค๏ธ

Black Brand Friday says:

Get comfortable slow, got it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

ุฏุฑูˆุณ ุฃูˆู†ู„ุงูŠู† ูุฑู†ุณูŠ says:

selling online courses please I need to know every thing about it

แˆ แˆš ENTERTAINMENT says:

I personally would like to know more about online courses please.

Ac3_Train3r_Blak3 says:

Wow that lighting is spot-on. It's the little things.

Travel & Temples says:

Very Interesting and informative Video, thanks for sharing….

Tim Allen Drums says:

Iโ€™ve been working on making Niche Teespring and RedBubble designs for Print on Demand. Some of my friends bought some designs, and made a sale with a mask design!! I also want to start making online courses for drum instruction! Ideally, I would eventually get to touch on all of these ideas and revolve them around a growing YouTube channel (I also have an art/animation channel in the works!) Really helpful video, thanks a lot Roberto!! ๐Ÿ™Œ

Majin Sole says:

Thanks, helpful!


Ashley Collier says:

So you can just advertise Audible off your own back, you don't have to wait for Audible to approach you?

Megaman14 says:

A lot of different ways to earn passive income I think the one I am interested in is Digital products may have to think of what I would want to create with that and print on demand thank you again for the information.

Lord of Thunder says:

I have reported you for misleading. After almost 4 minutes into your rumbling g you say that you have to be monetized. Your title does not mention that so your video is useless to me and a waste of time

The Herbal Nurse says:

PREACH! Thanks for teaching us Bruh.

Carrie Cat says:

I like the term automated income so much better. It is much more realistic about the planning and effort that goes into creating this income.

Carrie Cat says:

This better get to 1500 likes because I want that video.

All Things Nele says:

Thank you! I have a website I pay for I stop using. Man wish I had it with Wix. Let me write all this down.

Phillip Lemmon says:

I'm doing POD…i started a couple of months 5and I only have one sale…… I posted it on IG and YouTube AND Twitch… Still only 1 sale… And that was from a friend of mine……. You have to market yourself and your designs…. It's not for the want money now people like I was…..
It's still work!

Asten Regis says:

Love the money videos Roberto. Could you do a video on how to price your creative services based on value based pricing?

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