My Passive Income: $16,397/month by age 25

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Today we revisit my passive income journey and see how it’s changed over the past 12 months!


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Brandon Fripp says:

Where are you investing this passive income? Property or shares?

Family Finance says:

Well done!!! Quite impressive to see what a difference 12 months can make!!

Michael Smith says:

I keep telling everyone how hot this market is…
You’re seriously missing out, they say ‘knowledge is power‘ for a reason don’t waste your time studying charts and graphs all day because this opportunity is not going to be around for long so the best advise I can give anyone right now not making decent profits would be to contact my broker( Kyle Holt Karens) and join the millions of people earning massively from the current loopholes.

James Baxter says:

Do you count your investment money as income, do you ever sell? or do you just hold long term thus never really make any money out of it every year because you don't sell?

Finance Rules says:

lmao RedBubble is so passive that you haven't logged into it for years and had to reset your login password 🤣 That's hilarious

The Hobby Shop says:

Nice work man. Way to hustle!


Nicely done

lachlan mcintyre says:

Congratulations! Heaps of progress up until 24 and heaaaaps in 1 year !! Killing it. How many designs do you have on red bubble ? Just curious hahaha

Rahmat Zadran says:

Next Mark Zuckerberg 😂jk

Chris Horn says:

Keep up the great content, Brandon! Such a genuine guy and I haven’t learnt so much about a topic I knew completely nothing about in a such a long time, so thank you!!

Andrew Burtzloff says:

Haha sick bro

Greg Norton says:

After your Buffet stocks for 2020 video, I went and sold all my Stake shares, and bought Apple shares, and since March, it's gained over 100%!!

The Engineer Trader says:

Hi everyone! Pls check my channel too! I'm teaching all about trading there from BASIC to ADVANCE! 🙂

brad curnow says:

I hope you pulled some tesla at 2k

Dabi - Health and Beauty Within says:

This is so exciting! So happy for your progress Brandon! You are an absolute role model :))

KhanhLy Tran says:

looking beefy bro

TheBookway Invest says:

Happy birthday Warren Buffet

Jake Will says:

Keep up the good work mate! Been following you for over 3 months and you've helped me improve my investing portfolio and knowledge. Let's make Ca$h babyyyy!

Bjorn Leitch says:

Hey Brandon, what are your thoughts on Amazon fba in terms of passive income?

Nick Brbot says:

Good videos! Just stumbled across your channel. Well done!

X D says:

earlier you eat the crab the cheeper it is

jj saund says:

Amazing man, continue the success

xneilz says:

Thank you Mr Aussie Wealth Creation!

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