I Invested In These STOCKS & Made $51000🔥 Passive Income on F1 Visa & H1B Visa | Personal Finance 😍

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Robinhood App (Get Free Stock): https://join.robinhood.com/pritesj1
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Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/yudi.j
0:00 – Introduction
3:17 – What is Stock Trading
4:56 – Day Trading
8:01 – Long Term Investment
10:12 – Penny Stock vs Blue Chip Stock
12:19 – Blue Chip Stock
13:30 – Fractional Share Buying
15:27 – My Stocks Portfolio

How INVESTING In These STOCKS Made Me $51000 | Passive Income on F1 & H1B Visa | Personal Finance

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UPSC Tadka says:

You are too lazy yudi…compare indian people..😬



Atlas Khan says:

Great video

Chandu Premlal says:

Well explained. Thank you YJ

vanarp payhsak says:

Da fuk is chummeshwari 🤣🤣🤣 but awesome video Yudi bro
Loved it

Ken Adams says:



Chumeshwari 😆😁

Wasib Ilyas says:

How much divided do you get from your portfolio.?
Share a range or exact no. + What you do of that divided?

Prateek Gaur says:

sir any Stock market app like Robinhood in for India

Preyas Jaiswal says:

Thank you very much for valuable information ❤️

Antarix Gohil says:

Hey Yudi really appreciated your explanation…..and I am looking forward to see your whole portfolio.
*If this video doesn't get 500 comments I will comment the remaining ones….so start the preparation of video for your whole stocks portfolio
Keep smiling 😊keep hustling 🤜🏼🤛🏼
And and your diagram was chumeshwari 😂

tyler durden says:

Yudi bhai.. Love your vlogs.
Just a little bit suggestion, try to minimize using word "My, me, I". I don't why, it just doesn't feel right. Like "I'm buying property", "my new home",
Instead use "we're buying property" include Kaitlyn as well.. I know I'm just random stranger nd I shouldn't meddle into other people's life,shouldn't dictate others how to live. But Idk why, it feels little bit narcissistic and odd, I'm telling this coz I care for you!
I'm watching your vids since 17k..
Very excited for 100k celebration with Bruno, Kaitlyn nd Mom…
Learnt alot from you nd will always be grateful for that!
Love ❤️

Shaffi M says:

In India stock trading is much more complex , they have equity n preference shares n thre pro & cons , we hve to pay while opng demat account , on evry sale we have to give sme prtn from our profits n so on……. 😓

Harsh Sharma says:

Bhava Thanks 🔥Apna Robinhood Pandey Explaining Robinhood App….

Prateek Gaur says:

sir make a separate video at 13:01 as you explain limit order placing

Rahul Malawade says:

Chumeshwsri Bro. Liked it please dig deeper into this, by upcoming videos. Also explain process for Driving license in USA.

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