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This is a video offering Passive income ideas based on the teachings of Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki — Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book to help the average person understand and gain financial IQ.

Hey everyone! After reading 100+ books on business and personal development, I wrote a book on the most important concepts when it comes to creating a business and becoming your best self. Go here to learn more:


Zoch Buppet says:

hes also a known scam artist. He just a motivation speaker, who has no knowledge of finances

Babaji ki Booti says:

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Gone Launa says:

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Sarah Christine says:

Thanks for the video, and book suggestions 🙂

Motor Sports Race Channel says:

The best review of rich dad poor dad i can find on the internet

Mixtape.... says:

Brother u made nice and easy clip really appreciate your work.

Sourav Mondal says:

awesome knowledge from this vdo

Jude Tranquille says:

keeo up the good work. i learned a lot

Soepa Lobsang says:

This is not what we want but this is way in which we can find our dream. if we look at ground fundamental level, everything rest upon a point.

Dsgf Dfdcsd says:

awesome video

Gigiduru10 says:

Keep the good work. Awesome videos.

Know Thyself says:

Thanks for taking the time to put together the video, it's very good! I've always liked the idea of passive income.

Amar Chaturvedi says:

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fabianologfatec says:

Gosh, that's is high quality infotainment!! You just got another subscriber, I'll watch more of your videos, this one seemed amazing.
Great job and thanks.
Cheers from Brazil.

Noorfarahin Karim says:

good job,this better than i learn in i really understand between asset and liability.

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