Dividend Investing: DIVIDEND CHALLENGE For Monthly Passive Income [week 50]

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Dividend Investing: DIVIDEND CHALLENGE For Monthly Passive Income [week 50]
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Cherry Tung - Finance & Fashion says:

What are you gonna do with Tesla and Apple? Why?
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What happens you buy a share of apple after the record date but before the split date?


Team cherry 🍒

Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says:

0:12 heart-stopping

Gemz: Real Estate - Personal Finance - Investing says:

By the way, congrats on crossing 12K subscribers 🙂

Gemz: Real Estate - Personal Finance - Investing says:

I wish I had gone in harder on Tesla and Apple months ago. I am glued to your dividend challenge videos. Your portfolio(s) are blowing up!! 🙂

Joy Mae - Millennial Money Talk says:

Hey Cherry I just found your channel this week and I love seeing more ladies in the industry talking about finance on Youtube.

Tony Benson says:

Another great video Cherry!!

To Be Human says:

ahaha for reals – hindsight 2020

Manuel Campbell says:

Honestly, I am quite amazed by the price increase in Apple and Tesla. Not that it is not deserved, but the rise has been sooo fast. I think they are getting quite expensive right now, particularly Tesla..

And to be really honest.. I don’t know what to do with both of them. I wouldn’t buy at these prices. But I am also nervous at the idea of selling them and never be able to buy them back at a lower price.

The other problem is : everything else is expensive. So, it’s not like there is lots of opportunity to buy if I sell any of them..

For Apple, I think this is by far the most valuable company in the world. It was fighting for a long time with Microsoft and Amazon for the highest market cap. But Apple’s earnings are 2X bigger than Microsoft. And Amazon… there is just no comparison… this company always had difficulty to generate profit and it don’t even pay a dividend.
I always thought that Microsoft and Amazon would go down. But the reverse happened, Apple took the lead and leave all others in the dust…
So, relatively to others, Apple’s price is still reasonable. But in absolute term, 2 trillions market cap is definitely mind blowing !!

As for Tesla, I think the share price got ahead of itself for now. People are paying in expectation of major breakthroughs in coming year. It’s not impossible that Tesla deliver everything they promised. But, let’s be honest.. they really have to deliver BIG if they don’t want share price to go down below 2000$…
The reasons I don’t want to sell Tesla :
1) First, there is the battery day coming. They will announce major breakthrough in battery technology. Instead of alcaline batteries, they will present their new solid-state battery technology.
This will mean more range, better efficiency and lower production costs.
By how much ? I don’t know. I expect it will be much better. But it could be more than that… nobody knows for the moment.
2) Second and most important imo, is full self-driving (FSD) technology.
This technology will literally change how we live in our society.
If they can be first to succeed in this field, I think it would be impossible for the competition to catch up.
I think this one is as big a game changer as Microsoft was with Operating Systems (DOS and Windows) and Google with Google Search.
Elon Musk had said that the FSD software should be completed by end of 2020. If it’s not done by then, I think will won’t be a lot more longer than that.
I think Tesla has the best approach to FSD. They use visual vision (not lasers) to guide the car. They use artificial intelligence and collects billions of mileage data from actual cars on the road. And they built their own hardware (computer) to have to most efficient processor on the car.
I think this strategy is unbeatable for the competition.
But will they succeed ? They seems to be very close. But they have not done it yet.
Selling now could mean missing out on one of the most life-changing technology of the 21st century…
So, each person make his/her own decision.
I prefer to wait and see new batteries and complete FSD before I start considering selling Tesla shares…
I may be wrong. But I’m ok with that risk.
If they don’t succeed at FSD and solid-state battery performance is not impressive, I think the stock can lose as much as -75% and go back to 500$ (before stock split)…

That was all the things I considered before I buying the stock.
I want to see all of it play out before I consider selling..

Wanderer X says:

Stock splits are a good thing if you want the smaller investor to join the stock, makes it more affordable and should boost the stock.

Movie&GadgetFreak says:

May I ask how many shares of Tesla and Apple do you own?

guess what says:

Hi Cherry, I love the led lighting. I have similar led lighting in my game room. I wanted to suggest something. I know you say you deposit $200 into that one account every week but it would be cool if you said what you put into the other public brokerages you show. That way when you're showing them it'll make sense to people when they see all of the big jumps. To many people that may not be experienced, they probably see a big jump and are wondering what stocks are going up so fast and that they want those too. I hope I explained this well. Keep up with the great vids!!!

Michael D says:

My mom had Boeing at 430 and inherited. Lets just say it was over 400K at the time of 430. I love love Apple and am so glad to have a good position in it. I wish I had your 105K in it. Don't you think Apple will go up higher after the split? When people see Apple at 100 they will think it will go to 1000 and put a lot of $ in it. So the stock value will be pumped. Thoughts ?

Mindless Wen says:

Im a noobie, not sure if I understand but isnt stock splitting just so they can split the stock, and lower the price for those that are not able to buy into that stock like Apple or Tesla. I feel like the stock split is kinda useless since there's fractional shares now on a lot of these brokerage apps.

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