The TRUTH Behind Passive Income

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Is passive income the key to financial freedom? Or is it the biggest buzzword in finance? Today, we look at whether passive income is really worth it in 2020. Is it realistic for most people to make decent passive income?


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New Money says:

Let me know about YOUR passive income streams!

Alexandru Ulici - Buying Freedom says:

While it is not impossible for anyone to do it, most will get discouraged after 1 year of no real progress.

GMan says:

The 'knockers' are always going to be around to do exactly that , try and knock you down, they forget your 'out there' having a good crack to have some financial freedom in the future, so fuck them, leave them behind to grovel in their own pessimistic misery and keep inspiring the majority or your subscribers who actually take some notice of what your on about. We are more than intelligent enough to make up our own minds and decide ourselves which advise to take on board, without publicly giving you a hard time. Keep up the great content.

Yulianto W says:

To get passive income you need to work hard. Once you got it you spend very minimum time or 0 time and keep getting money. But if you want spend more time on that passive income you will earn more. Work hard to get asset and get that asset make you money

Bad Ass says:

Not sure if we should differentiate running a business from dividend investing. Dividend investing is truly passive after construction of the portfolio very little physical and or mental effort is required to maintain the income. For most it is not easy requiring large amounts of capital.

Running a business has potentially a higher rate of return but requires more effort and skill.

Syaifur Rizal says:

Wait a second, where is the opening clip?

Shubham Garg says:

Bro don't be surprised if you hit a million subs. It'll definitely happen, likely sometime before Elon becomes a trillionaire.

OZ Santiboi says:

Work hard for passive income and let it snow ball your way

Meariki Tupuna says:

I wana more of what happened with your tshirt designs?

KH.Property4Rent says:

I refer Passive Income as Activated Income because the word passive is confusing.
Activated Income required activation ( massive of hard works ) and keep them activated ( very minimum works once it is activated, still need attention and effort ). Thus there are Active Income Vs Activated Income. ( not Active Vs Passive )

trav v says:

I did 2 months of work that earned me passive income for years. The passive income has pretty much stopped now which sucks, but it was very cool. I would have been better off if I put all my time working on that project instead of just 2 months.

Andrew H says:

Passive income cam be very easy if you buy a property as a Rule 1 investor (property crash is just around the corner – a 50% MOS) using active income. Let the property agent do all the work. Only work required at the beginning and made for life if you don't get greedy and start taking uneducated risks.

GuitarZero2Hero says:

Wow! Rebranding the channel! I love it! Lots more global appeal! Great job mate

Trail Talk MTB says:

Poo poo, I'm talking to you steve!

fireflythe2nd says:

Your videos are worth a gold!

Thorgin Phoenix says:

"The average person can't do this."
Don't be average then.

Mentor says:

Im 18 and I love the idea of passive income, and have ideas about some ways to generate it, like starting a website that is monitised and making podcast episodes on youtube (eventually monitising it). Currently I am invested in blue chip dividend stocks which are generating small amounts of money, which I reinvest into more dividend stocks. 🙂

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