FIRE (retire early) vs PASSIVE INCOME SIDE HUSTLES – Which is the better to replace your 9-5?

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FIRE vs PASSIVE INCOME SIDE HUSTLES – Which is the better journey to replacing your 9-5?

IF YOU HATE YOUR 9-5 JOB AND CAN”T FACE DOING IT FOR YEARS UNTIL YOU RETIRE – then the fire movement OR passive incomes might be terms you are now getting to know very well. But which is best for you and for your goals? Let’s discuss both sides whilst also giving you my opinion in this video ahead.

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Susan Lewis says:

Great video. U mentioned u want to move to a larger house – how are u working towards this? Thanks Sue

Damien Nana says:

I am up for both even if at the moment I am mainly working but I am building up my portfolio and doing a couple of side hustles

Haylee Solomons says:

Loving the videos, Jennifer! You have inspired me during lockdown. I have started my side hustle, enrolled in a post grad course to double my current salary in just one year, and started investing with a stocks and shares ISA 💪

Sarah Hicks says:

Great video as usual 😊
Good food for thought. We are 4 months into our FIRE journey, but I’m now thinking about side hustles

Ulrike Schulz says:

I concentrate on passive income side hustles first because FIRE seems so scary. Big numbers to be reached! When are you going to quit your job? 😉

Jonathan Doyle says:

Can you do a video of any advice/tips you wish you knew in your 20s? And maybe things you wish you had done differently? I’m 24 and a big fan of all your content, helped me out massively with budgeting my first salary!

André Ferraz says:

Where do I find this FIRE community?

DSJ Mentor says:

Great explanation 👌🏾

Euan Copeland says:

So close to 40k subs Jennifer! My goals is financial independence (maybe minus the retire early part) and then will see what happens! I love the dreaming big idea from the Fire community as I have super big dreams and I also think back to the quote ‘aim for the stars and you’ll land on the moon’ 😂 so that’s my plan!! 👏🏻

Reda Harras - Personal Finance says:

I am definitely into the FIRE community! But you have to start with a side hustle to get there! Great video!

Skilled Finances says:

Financial Independence Side Hustles 😅. If I had to choose I'd say side hustle

Panda Boss - Personal Finance & Bossing Life says:

A combo of both is definitely the fastest way to replace the 9-5 🙂 currently watching with my late lunch!

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