7 Week Passive Income Strategy – How I Earn $600 A Day! | Marisa Romero

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7 Week Passive Income Strategy – How I Earn $600 A Day! | Marisa Romero // Do you want to travel the world, make money while you sleep, and increase your online passive income revenue? In this video, I’m going to show you how I generate $600 a day in passive income and I’ll teach you how can do it as well with your online products or by promoting and selling other’s online products.


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Marissa Romero says:

What's Your Passive Income Strategy?!?!
🔥Grab my Subscribers To Sales Blueprint 6 Steps To 6-Figures on YouTube
👉🏽 https://marissaromero.com/blueprint

🔴 ACCESS Our Kartra Funnels on Fire Course HERE:

ShowTimeWade says:

Can you do a best affiliate marketing programs?!

CAKES & ART says:

Ur videos have taught me so much with my YouTube channel which I started just 9months ago.. Thank you so much.. Thou most of your website videos teaching on making money does not apply here in Nairobi, Kenya… Yes watching u all the way from Kenya sending my Love thank you.. Marissa

Umer Bedewi says:

I love you from the bottom of my heart

BroEd says:

Very informative as always.

Angela Green says:

Which you had an anchor account… I learned of it on your channel… gonna give it a shot!

tanya b says:

Basically, every video she teaches exactly the same thing- sell your product or affiliate marketing for a digital resource- without giving any detailed actual techniques to show what she can teach in her program…
All she says is very true, but every video she just says the same thing. Instead of naming the video how to create and promote a product she gives it sensational titles, and every time I still have the hope there will be something half new. I don't know why I keep clicking on the videos.

Planetgreenzen says:

You rock Sensei. Love you and your beautiful brain.

g _girl says:

Hi Marissa. Thanks for the content once again. You're awesome. 💞 From the Commonwealth of Dominica

Dinesh babu OFFICIAL ID says:

Your idea and simple tips is really amazing and hope it's works mostly 85%. But random website are not working in india …. So pls could you make video for us … I request to you from india by dinesh #thank you marrisa and not only a passive income method do instant income method with assure #Marissa your name familiar in indian mythology stories … Thank you

Digital Entrepreneur says:

You what Marrisa?? I will have to watch this video many times…..because you really touch the aspect that gave been hard for me to get started (I.e Email marketing) am really inspired by it.
Even though I have my small YouTube channel but will still consider using it along with paid traffic to start building it.

Thanks once again Marrisa

WhatsThe504 says:

@marissaromero Marissa do have a tutorial on how to build a simple funnel for an ebook or pdf upload and collect the email addresses? And if you received a free funnel do you still have to pay to host that free funnel or for it to work at all?

music king says:

For peaceful and relaxing music watch my music YouTube channel ………


Great channel 👏 filled with awesome information
I love this

Leo O says:

Great insightful video. What were the 6 steps exactly?

The Financial Spotlight says:

Great job! This video was so helpful. I have thought about doing a podcast but it did seem intimidating. Now, I see that this is not as hard as it seems.

Living Delightful Freedom says:

You’re amazing!! And those earrings 😍 (sorry off topic)! Thanks for the valuable lessons Marissa!!

Srisha Meditation says:

Merrissa pls show the proof ..

thakkumikku says:

You look stunning. So is your earrings.

Flynt_EzzyMadeWorld says:

Your voice is so crisp and it is amazing to listen to…..

Lisa Williams says:

Great informative video! Thx

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