White leftist thinks that non-white people can't have passive income streams

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Much progressive

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YoungRippa59 says:

very progressive.

Fayveion Crain says:

Young Rippa your way of thinking is very disturbing.

Great Hound II says:

This is why white Leftists needs to stop trying to help

zac hannaman says:

Man it’s incredible how the Democrats are so much like the KKK.

Kurachi84 says:

This man is also one of the many black people who are sick of being seen as weaklings!
I'm not black, but i see both sides of the BS, as I am seen as a white priviliged man, while i don't have anything extra over black people, i even have seen many non-white people be racist and hostile in many other ways towards me and others, not being banned on facebook, after i reported them, but if they report me (with many alt accounts, i assume?), i get banned quickly, and now already am at the maximum of a month, each time i get banned now.
Anyway, many non-whites like to use this "white privilige" excuse, while many other non-whites get SICK of being seen as weak.
I even have seen someone in a video(no idea which, sorry), who got a little angry, as they were seen as a "poor fragile non-white" person, and they said something like "don't put me in that group! It's not right to do that!"
I'll check more of your content later, and you may get a new subber soon…. nah, i'll sub, even if there's not much for me, cuz who cares!

Kevin D says:

OH hell yes, Sir! College is a scam. I say that as someone with double engineering degrees who had a 3.2GPA. I couldn't get anything but call center gigs because the only on-shore jobs were going to people who were working on visas. Now, I can't even get that, because they're offshoring those for people who will do that job and do it BADLY for the equivalent of $18K a year, or less. If make ANY money, even unemployment, student loans take me to court if I don't fork over a grand a month. I literally can't die on the jobs I can get, and if I raid my 401K I owe taxes on it.

It's a trap. I walked into it. And there is no way out other than death.

petis1976 says:

Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs has been preaching trade schools for the last 15 years trying to get kids to go where people are needed.

Alex C says:

Two words: Dave. Ramsey.

Wildrose says:

My thought about this sort of thing is, even if minorities are at a disadvantage…. so what? Most of the white progressive efforts to 'level the playing field' do FAR more harm than good. Life isn't fair, but it's not fair for everyone. Deal with it.

Chuck D says:

Sounds like Jeremy is a white supremacist………..

Agent J says:

If equality is the goal, over representative should be equally appalling or it is an excuse for something else being done.

Rob Crane says:

Uni. Is the biggest debt trap behind " own a house" …maybe bigger…I heard the term starter house as well and I laughed in their face.

Rob Crane says:

Does this mean you are caucasian?

archisaurus says:

Never give weird little deviant people any power. We are seeing the results of that right now.

Truup Smith says:

The hard bigotry of low expectations. In fact the full on racism of it all. If you want to see the real White Supremacy, turn your head to the left.

T Mitch says:

I’ve heard truck drivers make great money.

Pink Puffin says:

These are the same people who say black people are incapable of getting an ID

I hate karen,s says:

yet they let white actor,s and actress,s get rich but normal people cant the hypocrisy is seeping out of the left

TheInfinite One says:

Financial independence is awesome!! Dropshipping is great place to start!

Cheryl Hyman says:

Who is Cannon Hinnant

Dale Szewczyk says:

You and I will disagree all day every day on the C19 stuff, but where we do agree a 100% is on matters of race and most of your stuff about socialism. I respect that you are a free thinker. On your videos about race, I always share those. There is so much shit from the other side, people need more other views on the matter from people who aren't white. Because when it is just me talking, I am easy to wave off.

The only down side to your videos is that the Left will wave them off because it is on YouTube. And they think YouTube is all made up content.

ThatOneRandomNoun says:

I think Tim Pool described them best, racists with guilty consciences.

Master Po says:

People like this (I use the term "people" loosely) have no virtue.

Jehsi Smalls says:

We talk about white supremacy often being a right wing thing but we fail to point out how there are so many of them on the left who are celebrated

Purple Rose24 says:

Check out book "The Millionaire Nextdoor " it has a lot of good information on how to live in your means & how to find & save extra $.

Grayson Electric Co says:

Hey yg did you take the original gig squad videos down when y’all use to be on the back porch? the first ones..

Shawn Mathew says:

I’m indian and I mine bitcoin which is passive income 😂

Black Pill says:

Making good money via passive income is a long shot for most people regardless of race. The more wealth you have to invest, the easier it is to make money passively. It just so happens that black, Hispanic and indigenous people on average tend to have less wealth to invest. Obviously the black day trader driving a Ferrari has a better shot than the white heroin addict in Appalachia. If making passive income off a small amount of seed capital was easy, eventually people will "catch on" to this money making method and then the market will correct itself as more people come to exploit the market inefficiency and then it won't be easy anymore. If you want to get rich off a small amount of capital, you basically need to exploit a market efficiency that not too many other people know about.

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