How I Make $36,000/year in Passive Income

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Looking for creative ways to make passive income? I break down my sources of passive income in this video along with how much I make from each. Together, these sources are providing me with over $3,000 per month with very little time to maintain and update.

These are methods that don’t require you to have a social media following or an audience to sell to. However, they do require leveraging another skill with an investment of time and money.

If you aren’t a photographer, videographer, or musician, think of what skills you do have that you may be able to turn into passive income. If you want more ideas, leave me a comment below and I will make a video on it!

◉ Mango Street video on stock photography:

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Philip Wilson says:

Great video without any of the hyperbole. Thank you!

Jessica Moreno says:

Daniel, thank you so much for starting this channel. You have no idea how much you're helping me survive out here as a (newbie) digital nomad. Plus driving Covid. Thank you so much

Obergeniesser says:

So glad you started this channel! The quality is top notch!

Philippe Conway says:

So what rights do you have to the photos that you take for stock photo sites? Are you still allowed to use them, for example, on your Instagram?

SHEIKH says:

Hey Daniel, great video! 🔥 Thanks for such great contents. I would really love to see a in-depth video on passive income dedicated to photography and video contents! Thanks again!!!

Danny Derrick says:

Oh, also, what distribution do you use for your streaming to Spotify, iTunes, etc. I've been using DistroKid, but I'm not sure if it's the best service to use?

Danny Derrick says:

Such a great and valuable video. Thanks for making this Daniel!

Topher Hammond says:

I’ve always had friends who have recommended stock photography as a lucrative source of income for old photos sitting on a hard drive and this video finally sunk in. Appreciate the tips and loving these useful vids Daniel! You the man 👊🏼

Dannelle Guihot says:

By far the best and most informative vid on passive income for creative’s. Love the new channel and yes please to more passive income ideas!

JoshDidItt says:

He makes more in Passive income than I make in Active. Yall should work on your own Stock Photo & Video App called "Mango". Im sure it would do well and it cuts the middle man out.

Olorunjumilo says:

To be clear, did you go into freelance?
I did love this, it was helpful
I'd love to hear 👂 more, thanks 👏

Debby says:

More please! Thank you for making this channel.

Lenschunk says:

definitely need to get some more ideas going. I love the fact that you didnt use anything that required a previous audience. But in another video could you make one about setting up a Preset store?

Ashton Obadiah says:

Can you make a video on how to make great stock photos/videos?

Harjass Gambhir says:

this was extremely helpful and insightful for people who are starting out, like me, thanks a ton☺️✌️😊

mexiaznann says:

Personally I’ve been making some passive income on Red Bubble. I’m not much of a graphic designer at all but I created some funny slogans for face coverings and chose some fonts & colors using templates. I’ve actually made some money here and there! I’ll probably make some more in the near future.

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