My 6 Figure Stock Portfolio For Passive Income August 2020

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My 6 Figure Stock Portfolio just hit all time highs proving Investing in the stock market is a great way to make passive income with my dividend stocks now providing $7,400 in annual income!
Today I will update you on my 6 figure stock portfolio along with interesting changes to some of my individual stock holdings!

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This is a reminder I am not a financial adviser and this video is for entertainment purposes only!

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Jean Carlo Ferreira says:

How many energy drinks u drink before filming??😹

Gareth Bush says:

I finally bought Apple & Microsoft shares today. At all-time highs, but still seems like a solid investment. I'm also bullish on BNS and RioCan. One thing I've noticed, do you not hedge your portfolio at all by buying bonds/fixed income? Even super aggressive portfolios usually have minimum 5-10% bonds.

Eman namE says:

Who here jumped into the CVAC hype today? Too expensive for me. Going to wait until it drops, should still be a good buy for the hold.

Gran - infomedio says:

Hi I have around 14 shares of O, (realty income corp) on a $3000 dollars acount, it's been almost $30 down in 2 days, what should I do?? Should I sell now!! I have no idea why this happened since I ought low..or that's what I think at around 61.50 per share.. can you hellppp me or what share percentage should I have with that kind of money, if I'm planning on light trading ? thank you !! Should a go short and accept the losses??

Jason Stupak says:

"I'm done buying REIT's".. next video.. "Bought some more RioCan". Lol. I do the same thing Kyle. Liked, and thanks for the video.

B. Le says:

Chart master is fantastic! I love it! Matt was really great about responding with a question super quick too!

Lucia Jaramillo says:

I've been actively involved in the market since June and i've found that identifying opportunities is the most important aspect which means that fundamental and technical analysis both need to be present in your trades. My stock investments already yielded 10 times my initial capital and i'm still bewildered by that because i formerly believed to achieve such would be expensive and time-consuming which would entail spending hours on the phone with your broker, and paying steep commission fees but i was suprised the digital age has made it more accessible and affordable than ever and i guess this at-your-fingertips access combined with the sheer volume of available investment options can also make the process intimidating but courtesy of Mr. Xavier who made me understand the whole system with vivid explanations on a learner-friendly platform and he made me realize that most indicators are derived from past prices on the chart which mostly leads to improper technical analysis of current chart and other timeframes which in turn leads to losses and i owe my success all to him for helping me achieve such feat. Feel free to contact him if you're finding it difficult to get a hang of it via mail on Hxavier418, I'm quite certain he'll get in touch with you.

You T says:

Awesome video! Can you make a video on how to convert cad/usd for cheap using norbert's gambit??

Clownan around says:

Great video

Clownan around says:

Im first again.

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