5 BREAKTHROUGH Passive Income Ideas (for £1000+ per month)

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5 BREAKTHROUGH Passive Income Ideas (UK) that we ACTUALLY use to make a 6-figure income in 2020. Grab our FREE 20-Pager EBOOK of these 5 Passive Income Ideas to learn EXACTLY how to implement them for £1000/month passive income – https://thehumblepenny.com/passiveincome 😊 ♥.

These income streams have helped us


#1 – Affiliate Income
#2 – Advertising Income
#3 – Online Course Income
#4 – Coaching Income
#5 – Membership Income


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FREE EBOOK – 5 Breakthrough Passive Income Ideas – https://thehumblepenny.com/passiveincome

Our Membership Programme – https://FinancialJoyAcademy.com


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★★ ABOUT US ★★


I’m married to Ken and we have two boys aged 6 and 4. I’m a Londoner, born in Hackney! 🙂

Day to day, I run the operations of The Humble Penny as a creative – doing everything from marketing to video editing. I studied Multi-media design and technology at Uni.

When I’m not creating, I love vegan food, traveling, working out and doing some outdoor fun things with my husband and kids 🙂


I’m a husband to Mary and daddy first and foremost.

Former CFO by day with over 12 years experience in the investment business. I’m a Chartered Accountant and hold an MBA from Cambridge University.

To explore my creativity, I’m a blogger, youtuber, speaker, etc. I create from my experiences as a family man and First Generation Immigrant.

I have a passion for all things Personal Finance, Business and Personal Development. I also love Photography, Music, Travel, and Sport.

We became Financially Independent aged 34 and our story has been featured on the BBC, Mail Online, Channel 5, Metro, etc.


Blog – https://thehumblepenny.com
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Financial Joy Academy

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Best, Ken and Mary

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The Humble Penny says:

Which of those 5 passive income ideas would you like to actually implement in the next 6 months?

Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says:

0:56 glorious

Matthew Quantrill says:

I always respect how open and honest you guys are. No clickbait, no hiding anything, no waffle, just pure facts which is what people watching these videos like me want. Thanks guys!

Chris O says:

This is informative. God bless you both. What best platform do you suggest for online course?

Jenny Angel says:

Knowledgable 😇 As today is finance awareness day , Do watch & subsribe for more unique quotes of dose😇😇 God bless & keep smiling

Wendy Noble says:

Thanks for the free eBook!

Modupe Sanda says:

Thanks a lot for this video. You motivated me to get back on my journey to building passive income. However I'm not so sure about the last 2 ideas (especially the last one) as the income simply dries up if I stop working/producing content unlike the first 3 that can still continue generating income even if I go on a 6-month break. Still, so grateful for the motivation.
And I simply loved the conversational format of this video! 🔥🔥🔥

Esana Ilori says:

Mary is looking stunning! Thanks for continuously sharing great resources ❤️👌🏾

Linda Yeboah says:

Mary is soo gorgeous 😍😍. Let me watch video❤

Thanks so much for this video. This was so informative and I really appreciate your transparency. You are right that this requires hard work especially content creation. I'm on Instagram and content creation, engagement and managing the account generally along side a full time job is time consuming. The next step would be for me to take it to YouTube.

Rachel Edwards says:

Thamk you guys for always sharing your knowledge … Mary you are a stunner.

sweet2def says:

Right on time with the video, as per usual. I have been loving them over the last few months. Thank you both for all you do…..it's honestly so valuable to me!

Dye Soun Soun says:

Mary is here 🤩🤩!

Ulrike Schulz says:

More of this awesomeness! ❤️ I love that kind of inspiration 🙋🏻‍♀️

Euan Copeland says:

Great Video guys – i now have Advertising income too!! Super pleased 😊📈

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