Top 15 Canadian Dividend Stocks In 2020 For Passive Income

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These are the top 15 best dividend stocks Canada has to offer in 2020 including three Canadian dividend stocks I just invested $4,000 into! Since the stock market crashed the s&p/tsx is still trading down 2% but that doesn’t mean there isn’t individual Canadian stocks that are not rallying into new all time highs!

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This is a reminder I am not a financial adviser and this video is for entertainment purposes only!

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Akilan says:

Does he actually live in his parents basement with that much money invested in stocks! Sell some and buy a house lol

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Dividend investing says:

why don't you mention telecom stocks like BCE, RCI.B and SJR.B?

Shelly Weng says:

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Joseph Fortune john says:

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Jason Stupak says:

Awesome! Thanks Kyle!

Shirley Mirabelle says:

Still thinking about the 12btc I got from Cyberteam0 on Telegram.

Gabby Arleta says:

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Randy Barnes says:

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Paritosh Kharkar says:

Solid video

Anne Honymous says:

your intro is spectacular (with the new music) and now is specific to you 🙂 excellent video, I appreciate. Alimentation Couche-Tard is run by a financial genius, I also like the company a lot, but the divy is almost 0 (the guy targets growth). For NPI, incredible future, but I wonder if they will cease to increase the divy and let it "die", to focus on pure growth. But you are absolutely right, the big discount these days are financial, with BNS being for me the deal of a life time. Look at the P/E and the divy yield…this is incredible

Struggling Hustler says:

I hold a number of the stocks you mentioned 👍

Luna Egitto says:

Exactly i agree! Stock market seems overvalue. More like Mr Calos Benjamin bought the market…lets see how long they can keep it up

Young Couch potato says:

Still have no money enough for that

TheLyricPlug says:

What's the difference between and ?

Financial Awakening says:

Thx for the Canadian content Kyle 👍

Clownan around says:

Great video

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