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Channel For Crazy Robinhood Trades + Wall Street Bets
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Enjoy stocks trades and options on Robinhood? You came to the right place. This channel specialized in large trades and risky options trading on Robinhood. Gains and losses of me and others. Lots of simple financial advice and best picks in the market!

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Drew S says:

I was trading real estate stocks since march and ive grown my account from $7,500 to $33,000. I am currently in DFEN but what could I make monthly selling premiums (selling puts mainly)

Alexander Brewster says:

Tell these people about spy call calendar spreads. In a bull market it’s free money. My account is up 228% in less than a month primarily because of these spreads.

Chris Bai says:

Man has really ran out of ideas. He has like 10 videos on selling covered calls.

Joe Gu says:

This guy is full of BS, $400/month x 12 = $4800 gain from a $11,000 profile. 43% annual return on a “never lose strategy”, you will get reported for using that term to mislead people.

Reno vlogs says:

thank you for making sure you tell people not to do this in Crazy stocks!
Stable stocks only

Millennial Profit says:

Instructions unclear bought Kodak

Hunter Yeee says:

It’s free money

Robbie Chambers says:

Quick question, why not set the price to strike more and collect more premium and just do the flywheel? Seems like that increased premium would make your networth grow much quicker


I'm sorry I picked unstable products lmnd and blnk lol it was fun though.

agntx says:

I don't drink ko on a daily basis

MoneyInMotion says:

That's what I like to hear. Collecting premiums and dividends. My two favorites!

Christiana Evelyn says:

For everyone who gets discouraged over trades not going their way, or not getting results and getting frustrated. There’s one thing I can say, Keep moving. Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune but great minds rise above it .I say this because i accumulated a lot of losses from trying to trade alone to buying bad signals and it's never advisable to enter the market without basic knowledge because it's quite complex as a beginner and you ought to understand the market trends and different algorithm. The losses i incurred made me believe trading was actually a dead end not until I made 10 times on my trading capital in 3 weeks and with the market making large moves and the support and mentoring I got from Mr. Xavier and he made me learn to read and understand the language of price action rather than relying on lagging indicators . Most indicators are derived from past prices on the chart which mostly leads to losses. Most traders and large institutions that actually fade the indicator movements for the sole reason that so many losing traders use them to base their trade decisions so for everyone who gets discouraged over trades not going their way, or not getting results and getting frustrated. There’s one thing I can say. Keep moving. Trading is really profitable when done correctly but most people still think it as a rich quick scam and never put in the effort and time and such false misinterpretation often leads to misinformation but I tell you that trading is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and all thanks to Mr Xavier , He broke the chains of debt and he’s surely my life’s savior lol. and i highly recommend Mr. Xavier, My trades with him have been handled exponentially and excellently.

Keller E.M says:

GNUS is one of the safest stocks to short for beginners. Cheap and relatively safe to short ITM

Dream Life Dividends says:

Selling premiums is the best easiest weekly income i can ask for

Donald J. Trump says:


Dheker SEFAIHI says:

It is not a never loose strategy… there always is a risk, and here if the market spike high you are ruined

Abraham K K says:

What if xlk is called away?

Satvik k says:

Bro u are funny

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