How To Make Money In Your Sleep | Passive Income

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In this video, Poku Banks talks about how you can make money in your sleep which is essentially passive income. Passive income is income that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain, this is where you continue to get paid after the work is done.

There are 2 main ways of creating passive income:
1. Creating something of value.
2. Investing

Creating something of value:
-Selling digital files (courses & ebooks)
-Displaying ads (YT or Blog or Any Online Property)
-Music Royalties:,form%20of%20payment%20to%20musicians.
-Dividend Paying Stocks
-Rental Income
-Peer To Peer Lending

Everyone wants passive income and is obsessive over it but it’s misunderstood, you can’t expect to make big money from passive income if you’re not willing to put in the work for it or put up a substantial size of money.


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Hamza Hussein says:

Can u do a rich dad poor dad analysis


Divedend stock and rental income are what I would invest

Ben Jone says:

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KRM Official says:

U have my changed my whole mindset and ur so inspirational thank u keep up the grind

Omar Mustafa says:

I don’t mind your hand gestures it adds to your personality and it make the video more enticing.

prodbyhz says:

for producers i recommend drum kits and sample packs there practically passive income in the long term

Learn Base - Online Income Streams says:

I’m nearly finished an ebook I want to sell, out of udemy, teachable & gumroad, which ones provide traffic without promoting my course elsewhere? Great content as always thanks 👍🏻

soldier of the sunnah says:

An idea that I learnt is being payed commission from providing something of value to a client for example if a copywriter makes a sales script for a company then you can ask for a percentage of their monthly revenue so if they made 10,000/mo and you charged 10% commission you would theoretically be earning 1000/mo so it can help in the long run just an idea

Fenn Sperinck says:

Hand gestures all good g, shows to me that you know what you talking about. Good way of communicating to the listener🤜🏽

Ijmel says:

I want to know more about dividends paying stocks 🙌🏾

Noah Brierley says:

YouTube in the long-term is great for passive income

Swerve says:

He’s changed my mindset. Been reading a lot of books which helped me realise to look out for my future and make sure I’m balling💯

Jsmunii says:

Can you do a video on solely stocks for beginners, and love the videos bro

Jathumilan Sasikumar says:

make a vid on taxes

unwantedchip says:

definitely music royalties but more for video games tv shows cuz they pay out nicely for short clips

Mason Monaghan says:

Could talk about skills you can learn online for free such as Forex, Dropshipping etc.

Ty Anderson says:

one of the only people my age i look up to🤞🏾keep grinding bro, i’m grinding with you

jm7 says:

would love a video based solely on dividend paying stocks

Tee Tyson says:

Another video in dividends would be dope

Tee Tyson says:

Could you do a video in starting a YouTube? Loving the content, respect the hustle

Jack Buxton says:

How is rent to rent even possible who would let someone else rent out their property. The owner of it wouldn't even know the people staying in it. Trying to find people that are willing to let you do this is very hard.

Hamas shah says:

i am a 15 year old boy cant get a job and have no money no jobs around me like paper round or stuff what do you suggest is the best way to get money?

XxSilencerxX says:

Make a vid on dividend paying stocks

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