Passive Income for Busy Professionals

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Have you been busy with a career, making money for someone else while neglecting your own goals to secure your own financial future? It’s not too late! Meet Monica, a busy professional herself, who achieved her goal of purchasing her first apartment building in just 8 months. In this video you’ll discover how you too can take action and start creating passive income investing in commercial real estate!


Jay Donuts says:

Thank you for this video. My goal is to get my primary partner (spouse) on board with investing and this looks to be a very encouraging video for her. I will share this and applies these lessons to our own story. We will be in touch to CREA soon. Again, great video and thanks.

Fred I says:

Congrats well done I am a certified B P.

Dwayne Brisbon says:


Teri Teri says:

Great video, Peter, as always!!!! Congratulations on your milestone achievement. It always seems impossible, until it is done. Much success!!!!

Phong Vo says:

Way to go !

Justin Doss says:


Darlene Gant says:

Congratulations! You’re very encouraging!

Shane P. says:

Well done, now plan on getting another one!

Arjuna Hakim says:

Your story is so inspirational! I’m sending it over to my wife and I’m gonna lobby her until she agrees to join me in becoming protégés of Peter. We’ve watched his videos for a couple years as well and I think your video will be just the push we need.

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