My Passive Income in USA | How I Multiplied Money? Journey to Financial Stability Explained

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This video is not sponsored by anyone. I have declined all sponsorship offers so far. The strategy I discussed in this video is on the risky side. Please do not follow my methods blindly.


Satyam Gaba says:

There is a different level of respect for self made man! Inspirational

Nijesh Kanjinghat says:

May be you can touch upon the asset allocation in Equity between index funds (not mutual funds) and direct stocks. That can be a good information. One more point is how investment in stocks should be viewed by an H1B as his or her tenure can be ranging from few.months to years as per the current laws.
Love ur videos. Keep up the good work..

amit khatri says:

Bhai this stock video … logo ko pagal mat banao …. i have never even heard of fastly stock and buying 500 shares of unknown company is just stupidity …

Ashish Chaudhary says:

We have our own professor in making.
Bella ciao Bella ciao Bella ciao….

viraj zalte says:

Simple but worthy

Pravin Kumar G says:

Good content professor ji. Thanks 🙏

MathScienceSportsGirls says:

Good content Professor!

Vamsi G says:

Amazing returns prof. 🙏 Have a great day.

suvin seal says:

sounds like you saved around $100,000 assuming your rent was $800 in Ohio.

Vinod K Yadava says:

In my simple understanding of stocks, i feel that one should play with amount which one can withstand if lost like in gambling. This attitude will always give courage to bear losses, if any, and one stands to gain ultimately.

Sushant Srivastava says:

Are you married sir? Does your wife support you?

Ravneet Singh Plaha says:

Kya baat ha sir 🔥🔥❤️❤️

diVyANshU mAurYA says:

Very Amazing Journey

Aswin Krishna says:

Invest 80% of your income.
Spend 20%

Arpit Garg says:

Amazing sir!!

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