Passive Income: Real Talk With Queenie | Passive Income Ideas (Australia)

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Passive Income Ideas in Australia!! Queenie went from $0 to $800 A WEEK in passive income. In this video, she shares her tips, tricks and insights on creating a passive income stream! Be sure to show your support by dropping a like on the vid!



Passive income, while it may be hard at first, can really grow exponentially over time if you do the right things, just look at the business Queenie runs! Queenie has an awesome video on her channel about her passive income breakdown so check it out via the link below! Also, don’t miss the creative passive income idea that she shares with you all!


So if you are thinking you want to earn money while you sleep and get started on your passive income journey in 2020 right here in Australia, then we have got your covered! Enjoy the video and show your support to Queenie!


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0:00 Intro
0:35 What is Passive Income?
4:30 Passive Income Ideas
10:45 Closing Thoughts

I am not a financial advisor. The ideas presented in the video are general in nature and does not take into account your personal situation, you are responsible for your own financial decisions that you make.


Justin Baldori says:

Everyone go show your support and check out Queenies channel, so many vids to watch and learn from 🙂 Drop a comment and let us know what passive income streams you have going for yourself! Queenie – thanks again for chatting and giving up your time I'm sure the viewers appreciate it!

Craig Parsons says:

Great video! Really informative, and awesome work on both counts!

Kish M says:

Hey Justin great vid, was wondering about your thoughts on geared etfs such as ‘ggus’ or ‘gear’ in comparison to regular etfs such as ‘vas’ do geared etfs have higher returns over longer periods of time or is the higher volatility associated with it cancel out the profits

Infinite Growth Investor says:

Great video, very informative.

Drew Rice Engineering Success says:

Great collab! Came here from Queenie's channel and love what both of you are doing! New sub here!

Michael Invests & tries to make Money says:

Just found your and Queenie's Channel I love you guys! Great to see more Australian getting into investing and personal finance besides property lol. I'm really looking forward to learning how to make passive income online as I see it's the way of the future.

Matt Young- Becoming a Millionaire says:

Good chat guys!

Ben Syd says:

Great video guys

Invest With Queenie says:

Thanks so much for having me on the channel I had so much fun chatting with you! This if the first time I'm actually excited about watching some ads on a YouTube channel – CONGRATS ON BEING MONETISED and launching your new passive income stream 😆 I can't wait to see what you do next and how fast you'll grow!

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