Unique Passive Income Business – Billboards!

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Renting billboards can provide passive income and all you need is a phone to get started. Find locations, rent the spot from the landowner, erect a billboard, sell the space…and get paid every month! BONUS idea at the end so stay tuned!!



Alex Rosario says:

Excellent content. Thank Franchise City

Carlos Salenas says:

I got 5k and another 13k coming to me how do i get this going sir

Feeber Izer says:

The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe in Tacoma, WA have been doing this for over 20 years. I called the city one time to find out about a whole bunch of boards being built along the I-5. They buy a miniscule amount of land for installing a board and then charge $25k per ad. That was in the 90s, so just with inflation, that's about $40k today.

Twin Smith says:

Were can I buy a 3d hologram for advertising what is the best website to find cheap wholesale prices?

Mike Fenbury says:

Billboards only well when leased to major billboard operators, like JCD. they turn down so many of them, selling them to local business is not very profitable. better to do the approvals first then approach them ? not sure. interested video! the fans are popping up everywhere now, pretty gimicy but I like them!

Irene McGimpsey says:

I want to say thank you for this info been wanting to do this for a long time been having a hard time trying to get a real good honest info so thank you.

Jonida Xhemajli says:

How to make a good offer of billboards for the businesses?

Tahir Hussain says:

Very good information happy to see you more knowledge about it sir

RealestRealist says:

If I am in a town of fifty thousand people would I be able to get data on the stretch of the highway going by a certain area? I had a really cool and interesting idea but I'm not sure if the traffic would make it worth it

Daniel Barker says:

You always have the most realistic ideas of anyone I've seen

fred flintstone says:

420 likes. I didn't want to ruin that wonderful number so I gave you a thumbs down. Great videos!

Tehmas Khan says:

Thank you so much brother for your valuable information

Nzanzu Musavuli says:

Thanks for the informations.
Please send me the link for the PDF

Y. D says:

Thank you for this video

Wallaceville Content says:

Thanks for the info. Lucky to have randomly stumbled upon this channel.

Sasan Tabib global says:

I went to the US with one suitcase aat age 18. What most people will never realize is the following: Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. There is so quick win to success.
Who agrees?

dominick253 says:

This is my kind of business.
Update I now have started a billboard company. Thanks for the information!

RealestRealist says:

That's awesome.. there was a hologram lady and diamonds… that's so cool

RealestRealist says:

I want all of the income producing assets at all times from now on!

RealestRealist says:

I've been curious about this. Good film. I want anything and everything which is an income producer. I want everything which produces income all of it.

M Jim says:

BurgerIM would be an interesting franchise to make a on because it's a smaller, less known chain and u could talk about the kind of path they're on and compare them to other franchise's that were once in burgerim's situation.. whether those franchises failed or flourished

Flip Lord says:

Will you mentor me

Powerful says:

Hah I was just listening to frank on the bigger pockets podcast

DoubleWrench says:

A homie of mine in Ontario has a nice fleet of billboards and a sign company. Does On Route Media ring a bell?

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