7 Passive Income Ideas to Make Money Online in 2020 | Make money with affiliate marketing and more

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Today we’re exploring 7 passive income ideas to help you make money online in 2020; affiliate marketing and more!

Y’all! Er’body is always asking me how to make money in a passive way and I think it’s such an underutilized income source. Let’s do a real talk session and chat about passive income ideas to help you make money online.

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Nadia Martineau - Let's Get Rich Together says:

I absolutely recommend funnels 🙌🙌

Joy Mae - Millennial Money Talk says:

Let’s protest about them reaching more about passive income in schools

Mousy Leigh says:

I’m learning passive income myself. I’ve started a couple a streams now and can’t wait to grow more. Work smarter, not harder.

Affiliate Jump Start says:

Passive income is really the way to go! 🚀🚀🔥

Jessica Ekin says:

Great video as always Jessica! Girlll that shiplap hallway wall is beautiful 😍 I love your style. We have the same farmhouse style! 💛 I would love to see a house tour 🥰 thanks again for your awesome videos!!

michelle revisited says:

I feel like we need a different word other than passive for these types of income streams. It's not so much that they are passive as that they are not paid per hour and there is potential to make an increasing amount money off an initial investment of time.


Thanks for adding value with every new video you put out. This is great.

Living Style Productions says:

Hey Jessica, I don't know what to tell you,I love you! You are so helpful and beautiful.

Brie Kirbyson says:

Theres no better feeling than just hanging out doing whatever and getting PayPal notifications, or waking up to them after a good nights sleep!

Passive income is the BEST type of income imo. Which is why I LOVE the online course business model especially.

Low expenses, high profit margins, and you only have to create it once and set up tour marketing and it brings in income automatically. It’s the best!

Jessica Dalby says:

Thank you so much for another great video

Storytime with the Twins mama says:

Listening and taking notes

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