4 Legit Ways To Make Money and Passive Income Online (Profitable Online Business Ideas)

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4 Legit Ways To Make Money and Passive Income Online (Profitable Online Business) // If you want to work from home, start your online business, make money online, or get multiple income streams then this video is for you! Katie and I would tell you different online income streams and passive income strategies we’ve used to make money online!

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📝Show NOTES 📝
1:16 How can someone make money with podcasting?
3:40 Top 2-3 tips for beginners
5:12 How to put an audio file on several platforms
6:21Best way to use show notes on your podcast
7:49 Katie´s opinion about organic growth on Instagram
9:07 What’s the next step in the funnel to drive traffic?
12:33 TIKTOK
13:01 How does the TikTok algorithm work?
15:07 How many TikTok followers do you have?
15:38 How often should someone post in order to get 10,000 followers?
17:28 How do you brainstorm TikTok videos?
18:19 How long is the learning curve to learn TikTok?
19:25 What do you love about YouTube for business?
22:21 How do you monetize your YouTube channel?
23:09 How do you land brand deals?
23:41 How do you get paid for brand deals?


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Marissa Romero says:

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Bill Burns says:

Audacity is also available for Linux. I dual-boot Windows and a version of Linux called Ubuntu – and I have Audacity on both operating systems.

Simbecile says:

I've definitely thought about starting a podcast.

Affiliate Jump Start says:

Podcasting?! I wouldn't have guessed this would be in this list 😄

Awesome stuff Marissa! 🔥

Nadia Martineau - Let's Get Rich Together says:

Social media is sooooo powerful! When I did fitness on Instagram people would make me feel like I was crazy for posting so much everyday but it generated tons of income for me! I should've stuck with it through school but I worried about what people thought of me. Now i'm excited and ready to grow my YouTube chanel no matter what people think🔥

Dina Galal says:

This is Inspiring! I feel like i am so far away from monetizing. I don't know how long it is going to take to get to 4000 hours. It is probably because i only do lightroom tutorials and i don;t show my face or speak. 😭😭

BASIC Enterprise says:

My best friend has an amazing unique voice perfect for podcasts but she’s too afraid to start. My voice is meh

Britne Chanel says:

Podcast! been thinking about this for years but never knew how or what I would even talk about

martin camilo fucen says:

wow inredible value thanks ladies !!

LaVisha Harris says:

Podcast!!!!…. Look for tenacious talk…. I will be launching soon especially after watching this. Thank you so much ladies.

adventure of life by Moly says:

Thanks for sharing…

The Wifi Dream says:

awesome video ladies!


6th oh yeah! Thank you for sharing a guest interview Katie Steckly! 🔥 Lots of useful content!


have been looking better way to make money and here you are thanks ….new subscriber marrisa

Katie Steckly says:

Thanks so much for having me on your channel, Marissa! It was great to chat with you 🙌🏻

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