8 Passive Income Ideas – $1000 A Day

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In this video I share my passive income sources that generate $1,000/day. 💲2 Free Stocks on WeBull: https://bit.ly/37Xj7TZ (USA). 💲1 Free Stock on Stake: https://bit.ly/2BysugA (Australia, UK & NZ).👕 Merch https://teespring.com/stores/solving-the-money-problem 📚 My Top 100 Books https://t.ly/NPsI

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In this video I shares the eight (or so) #PassiveIncome streams I’ve developed over the last 10 years. Including rental income from real estate investments, passive income from business, YouTube ad revenue, affiliate income, patreon, selling merch and more!

At a certain point, once passive income exceeds living costs, IMO, capital growth is equivalent to passive income (you sell the asset, pay taxes just like on passive income, and end up with money… which accumulated passively). Consider this as an investor as it may accelerate your reaching financial independence or change the way you go about it. The combination of passive income and passive capital growth is magic!

Thanks for watching these #PassiveIncomeIdeas 😁 I hope they are insightful, informative and perhaps even inspiring.

I love you all,

p.s. Share your thoughts below. I read ALL your comments.


Solving The Money Problem says:

Thanks for watching! 😁 What are your passive income goals? How are you progressing? I love you all, Steven 💕
p.s. A few of you are bound to ask. All figures are in USD (not AUD).

Jaymes Hooper says:

do you also regularly consume GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) and Phenibut [Anvifen / Noofen] ?

Rümpi S says:

I created an Escape Room for Business Events and gain between 500-1000€ per month from it…

Future Self Therappy写给未来的自己 says:

Signed up your Patron! Great content! Any suggestions on brokers who I can buy US ETFs from Australia? Help out an Aussie, please? 🙂

Jaymes Hooper says:

Any plans to make your own [paid] online course for your viewers/subscribers via the website 'Teachable' , like the one Sydney based YKTR Clothing founder Isaac John sells for AUD$997 called 'The Blue Print' ?

lithgrapher says:

You have been doing a fantastic job and keep it going strong. 💪 mate.

Stefan Herzberg says:

Well done, I'm happy for you. And thanks for the openness – it is believable.
But, "Set a goal and work tirelessly…" sounds a bit stressful to me – I would like my passive income to be more passive than yours. I'm going for stocks only – the rest is too much work for my taste. Of course, you need money to do that, so if one can do that depends on the personal situation.

Jaymes Hooper says:

you are financial fitness , motivation , inspiration , humanity ! you are going all the way , and you can stay up !

911zhenxiang says:

Or simply buy Bitcoins 😉

Fred Winslow says:

Is this the last video 7 plus one more ???

lithgrapher says:

Good info and good job 👍

Angelo Miranda says:

thanks for sharing your great financial success!

rickhou says:

As usual, I enjoy your vids as they offer a lot of food for thought.

Realistically, 99% of your audience, including me, will never be a youtuber for a variety of reasons.

I'm assuming that you offer additional advice on other stocks for your patreon members?

sad dreams says:

I love ur vids because you make financial stuff intresting with the memes and humor🤙🏾. I wasn't really intrested in investing or business in general but you're vids are changing my mind. Peace

BION Danish Genome Institute says:

I sent you mail about a quartz gold mine, in the right area in Australia. The quoted amount gets you 15%. Got the mail?

Lion Blue says:

Would be great to see a “first steps” video. Like how you started and what you would recommend to build a financially free future. Do you still think property is the way to go and way to start?

J P says:

-$69,420.69 at 3:49 did anyone else see that?🙈🐵

Rob Murray says:

Did you see my link?

Amael Savouillan says:

Big fan of your videos since the beginning, I have to say you are doing this right! You could add another source of income against your TSLA shares by selling option premium every week, covered calls or naked puts if you want to acquire shares at a set price. This should speed up your exponential net worth growth trajectory. All the best to you and your loved ones!


Hi Steven. I am your viewer from India. I have a suggestion for you. As you mention in all your videos tesla stock makes up 99% of your portfolio but that may soon turn against you. You see I have reasons to believe a recession is coming and the stock price of all companies are going to fall, even a stupendous company like tesla. So I would advise you to reduce your market exposure by selling a bit of your shares at profit now and buying again when they fall. Thank you for reading till the end. I have also started my own YouTube channel after getting inspired by yours. By the way I would love to see a video on how you edit your videos,which software (paid or free) you use and most importantly bloopers! Also being from India I would like some of your advice on how to deal with stocks in foreign markets as you are currently doing the same thing.

Biniam Gaming says:

Huge fan of Mary Jane😂😭😭😭

Brian Anderson says:

Inspiring! Completely inspiring! Thank you for showing us that you walk the walk and not just talk the talk

Giesbert Nijhuis says:

And how much will be enough for you?

Nevan Read says:

Very impressive 👍, but let's get back to the task at hand. I cannot get enough of your Tesla videos! Keep up the great work 👍

mr_makko says:

Waaait a minute, you already have some kind of this video, am I right or too high, he heh?

Biniam Gaming says:

I watch your ads for support cuz you’re very transparent 🤗

ausud says:

Same vid you made 4 months ago plus one more thing?

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