Dividend Investing: DIVIDEND CHALLENGE For Monthly Passive Income [week 45]

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Dividend Investing: DIVIDEND CHALLENGE For Monthly Passive Income [week 45]
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Cherry Tung - Finance & Fashion says:

Did you make any of the common MISTAKES?
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Shawn Nichols says:

It was a good week. My dividend stocks aren’t as much on sale as they were last week.

BalambSqually says:

How was your week Cherry?

Mark Soberay says:

Forget dividends…..sell "poor man's covered calls" way safer plus would make a more unique YouTube channel

Daniel Conley says:

Beauty and brains? Fake video, this person isn’t real.

j/k Thank you for the awesome content!

Mike M. says:

So glad I’ve found you! Thanks 🙏

MsBlackDiamond718 says:

Tesla Video please!

Manuel Campbell says:

Oh.. I have made them all… and many more !! 😬

Steve Ming Money says:

888 😀 it’s your lucky day!

John Jackson says:

With the disconnect in the market right now from reality of the covid situation, Im wondering if it would better to just save more cash instead of investing weekly for the next few weeks. My account is at all time highs right now as far as $ amount and %. So even though the market still has room to go to catch up to pre covid, I feel like im investing at all time highs. Hospitals running out of room again, deaths spiking……. I know youre not supposed to try to time the market but more shutdowns are inevitable with government refusing to do what needs to be done to slow down the spread. I just don't see value in adding right now.

Jonathan Ramos says:


Jonathan Ramos says:

Hi cherry is it okay for me to ask you one question please? I'm a new investor and i spent the last month unfortunately moving things around too much. I changed my portfolio around alot but i'm finally comfortable with the stocks i have now i dont want to keep changing stocks too much. How does this affect my overall return of my portfolio? and what consequences will i face in taxes?? thank you in advance.

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