Passive Income Ideas

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Are you looking to earn more money on the side? Here are 7 passive income ideas I’ve prepared for you to target $1000/month for each of these ideas:

1. Create a PDF document using Canva that provides solutions to other people’s problems
2. Shout Out Model
3. Real Estate
4. Offer Coaching
5. Commission Based Marketing
6. Provide Service For A Flat Fee
7. Done For Them Service

Which of these ideas have you used?

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Prasad Kolambkar says:

Thanks for this video… I am from India and I am going to try the Canva one.

Arun Pandey says:

Great video sir nowadays no-one is teaching like you thank you so much sir
My request is that can you make a video for easy part time incomes

7 Patel says:

Hey John , why you don't put all the lessons on your youtube channel ?….. Because some people don't afford the membership fee of memmby….So you have to put the all the lessons on YouTube, so that this training is real free, otherwise it is a indirectly paid. You have to do for this if you really think about free training for the your peoples.

7 Patel says:

Please your internet marketing free coaching ..please make available on YouTube please….If you want to reach more people.

Jacqui Jooste says:

Love the way you simplify and keep the focus in your teaching – thank you🌷

Alexander Kravchenko says:

Great video, thanks for the ideas

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