How I make $3000/month in passive income on my website (as a software engineer)

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Ex-Google TechLead explains how he built a web app making $3,000/month in passive income. This is the story behind my website Daily Interview Pro ( I also teach more about online business at YouTube Backstage (, join me to learn how I built a 7-figure modern internet business.

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TechLead says:

This is a real project, so you can see the website live at I hope you enjoyed the breakdown! Β 

Some people have asked how I got initial traffic for my website. One primary way is through having a YouTube channel — so yes, a social media presence can be really helpful for starting any online businesses in 2020. I recommend getting your YouTube channel started, since even a small one can help kickstart your side projects, and as mentioned in the video please visit if you want to learn the behind-the-scenes tips on how I built this channel into a 7-figure business.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

Matteo Pepe says:

Do more of these types of videos. Their much more informative and practical

MrFacePeck says:

Quick pause: this video is sponsored by the TechLead. No, not by a tech lead, not by your manager, but thΓ© TechLead.

StudioArtFX says:

I learned a long time ago that email marketing is one fo the most powerful methods of interacting with an audience available. When I was serious about it, I was doing close to $3K a month. Maybe I should dust off my old list and start doing it again.

Arjun Kavungal says:

coders are millionaires. They easily have 7 streams of income: book, real estate, job, competition, freelance, startup, trading bot

Arjun Kavungal says:

strong: stocks stronger: bonds strongest: real estate the ultimate investment: ipad

Priapus HK says:

Only way this could be profitable is selling signup addresses. If TL is really getting $9 for something you can get free at leetcode, then TL's kung fu is stronger than I thought.

Stephan Bouwer says:

If I earn 10000 eurous per month, but I spend about 6 hours a day of my 8 hour work day on Facebook. Does that mean I earn 7500 eurous passive income?

Collin Keahey says:

google tech lead renders dudes obsolete

Aashish A says:

Give me 1000$ for Macbook Techlead

Abderrahman DOUARA says:

Thanks for sharing, but you haven't told us that you have market this through the 1/2 millions youtube channel that you have

Can You Believe It? says:

Hi I'm learning English and trying to do contents in English. It's hard but I'm trying πŸ™‚

Atharva Nawadkar says:

after this, I feel like I still need to passout my highschool to understand wtf ur talking about.

Hey I'M 16 and going to opt for cs branch after 12th grade, should I give time to learn coding? Will it be worth or should I wait for the college?

Stanislav D says:

How I make $3000/month in passive income on my website (as a software engineer) == False
How I make $3000/month in passive income on my website (as a millionaire) == True

rikuverse says:

Thank you for sharing TechLead. I've been struggling to build my own website, this video really helps me to understand more how you manage those micro services.

Rakesh Gupta says:

Thanks TechLead. I'm very much indebted to you for the skills you teach. I sometimes feel that you should move into providing technical training to people in the software industry (or any other kind of teaching). I don't have much idea about that since I am still in college (graduating this year). But I watch your videos and I feel like you are a great teacher. A true teacher is someone different from a business oriented person and we all never forget the people who gave us knowledge and skills. Think about that.

AbwasserAbdul says:

Whats the reason you build the landing Page with kajabi and not per hand via HTML + CSS?

Brian Design says:

How to become a passive lead in 2020

Tech Aspirants 07 says:

Awesome information #techaspirants07

Daniel Ni Tech says:

The transparency in this video is actually amazing

dvlpr says:

More of these please!

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