The Truth About Passive Income | How I Built A 6-Figure Business

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AtomuS says:

Did you lose a bet bro? Wtf is that haircut lmaoo

Adriane Ponsaran says:

More wealth videos! And business mindsets. These are the type of videos that help the most cus most don't know it but it's their job that's making them miserable and not passionate about. Making a living doing what you love/ generally interested in is a genuine way true to yourself. Thanks Benjamin

Ayon Podder says:

Make a video on fixing sleep.Zeus took down that good video

Sahil Nanda says:

Hello Benjamin

Aswin Siddharth says:

Good Content Sir!

Dex says:

Passive income? Impossible

Ryan Cynthia says:

I blessed the day I met you
My life has really got a good change thanks to @Cyberteam0 on telegram I got you for sure πŸ’ͺ


Love your new channel you did good job starting this πŸ‘

Andres Choque says:

Fire content πŸ”₯

Aditya Kapoor says:

You give us the dope advice so please help me out

Aditya Kapoor says:

Bro please reply

Aditya Kapoor says:

Bro please make a video about how to get abs please

Jubasa says:

Bruh you rlly used that money printer go brr thing

The Fynest Insights says:

Benjamin is so honest and gives us pure gold value knowledge. And I know I'm gonna create PASSIVE INCOME source from this YOUTUBE CHANNEL SOONπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

xDarthMaul says:

check ur DMs on IG man

David Sonneveld says:

video on how to become high status: 10 million views
video giving actual good business advice: only 300 views an hour …….

Durga Prasad says:

It is most most honest Video on passive Income I have ever seen,I love Your helmet :),I Subscribed to your news later,It was Great on the First Fridays later it was boring for me.Looking Forward to seen a interesting thing in News Letter.You and Zeus are the best :)πŸ₯°

toyal10 says:

Ben your hair looks crazy, but you still awesome tho πŸ˜›

S2KPlays says:

Wassupp Benjamin πŸ‘‹

Mike Tyson says:

Good video content

Stark Ndlanzi says:

Love your content Benjamin, can we talk anywhere?

Paul Ratiu says:

If you read this, I hope you have a very successful new month!!! ❀️

Nate Siwiec says:

I’m liking the new hair style. I’m rocking the same thing

mike mejia says:

When you droppin that spotify playlist benji πŸ‘€

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