How to make Passive Income: Why I make $2500/m (Flip Before and After)

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I bought my 3rd rental house from my YouTube money. I live below my means and invest all my income. Here is how to make $2,500 a month from my rental houses. Real estate investing is pretty easy if you break it down right. Here is how I buy Cash Flow Houses!

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Yak Motley says:

Thanks for watching everyone! I hope this video help at least one person out there! Check out this video if you want to know more behind the scenes hustles- Finding $10,000 houses-! Have a good day!

D Stallard says:

With all this extra income it's time to start replaning the wedding 😁

Harry P says:

Excellent advise. Need to stress the hard labor you guys put into it.

Hamiltonville Farm says:

Excellent video Jack. Good strategies.

Al Thomas says:

Thanks for sharing! Gave me a few ideas………

Little PAW 1969 says:

Good tips and video. 👍🏻

Dab Marino says:

💲💲💲💲💲 you the man Yak

Robert Underhill says:

Keep up the solid work Yak

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