Make $0.70 Every 30 Seconds On Autopilot! (Passive Income)

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From $0 To $5000+ In 30 Days:

Make $0.70 Every 30 Seconds On Autopilot! (Passive Income)

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Investor says:

Here's How I Make Money Online:


denis james says:

bro please how do i get a job on that site it says 1 job available for me and asking me to verify with my number should i go ahead with that

kelvin james says:

e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m is also working exceptionally well for me. easy c@sh. works from a phone only too

Mikey Boy says:

He says its free to start but it shows by me that it will charge $0.75 to start

tolorunleke daniel jesutoni says:

it showing 0 jobs available for me how do i go about that

Buzz Iness says:

I v never seen some1 who talk alot like u.such a pain in the ass

Damilola Opeyemi says:

Pls i am from nigeria,paypal is not supported in my country,and i only have andriod can i use it pls and how can i pay them because i am broke pls



HMD NEWs says:

I took action… and investor, i could not get my phone number verified…
Can you help me out

Deacon Roduck says:

Dude. you speak too fast!! slow down

Marlon Reynolds says:

They do NOT allow ANY CPA offers. This does not work.

Abel Abem says:

I sow more than 10 of your YouTube videos but i can't gate payed All payment are nat available on my country pls help me with something you ar smart u will know something to help me🙏

Ledon Mersini says:

Thanks to this method I am getting $100 a DAY!

Tonny Smithson says:

I watched the entire video and like it
I've been using this strategy for a moment and it works
Here's my advices
1- Put your referral link in a landing page first before pasting it in microworkers because some survey websites will not pay you for direct link.
You can use Google sites to set your landing page, it's easy.
2- Or post your referral link in FB and use the post link in microworkers.
3- Use bitly to shorten your link.
4- you can picoworkers instead of microworkers it's cheaper
Good luck

mbuyelo mk says:

I never understand what you say

mbuyelo mk says:

Listen instor I'm 10 year old and your stuff is so hard can you do it on your smartphone plse

Swapnil Patil says:

Please subscribe my channel

I created channel to take inspiration from sir

Gaming Legend says:

Really love your'e content, it is really interesting and thank you for being one of the people in the world to try and change lives.

cool music says:

How do I get d link to d survey… After pressing d join network it kept reffering me to another site and I'm confuse.. Someone should pls help!!😭😭😭

roger colley says:

Where do we put the link for people to sign up please?


Hey. Love what you are doing great job. My question is once you set things up on micro worker how do those WORKERS on micro worker get paid. Are they going to be paid from you end? Or do the get paid from the sign up. Pls can you clear that angle Pls?

dexxent naeem says:

Mr.investor plzz make some videos on online earning in pakistan

Boi LoDdi says:

how am i supposed to get the referral link..? not popping up anywhere….


Bro this was the one the best video i will now actually earn from this and will join to your online course

Sahara Tour & Travels says: get money staying at home

Jugad Technologies says:

You were in my dream yesterday 😅

Kent Arnven Landicho says:

Where do we put the referral link?

Migz says:

Sounds great but joining a network on affplus is not that easy. More than half the time they reject new applications and if the workers do not fill the survey correctly you will lose money instead. it cost money to create a campaign but you did not mention this in the video

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