What They DON'T Tell You About Passive Income Sites!

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Many people always praise passive income sites as being the best business model in the world.
I’m one of these people.
But there are also downsides and problems you will encounter with these niche sites and the business model.

For starters, you need to write a lot of content and that’s not for everyone. Some people never really get to like writing and that’s a big problem if you want to make a living building passive income websites.

We can also call them niche sites or authority sites. Same same.

One of the other problems people often encounter is that they find themselves working alone for the most part. That can be challenging. Especially if you are an extrovert person who likes to be around other people.

But even if you are an introvert it might get too much at some point as you just sit there in front of your computer chugging along.

But all that aside it’s really hard to get really worked up over the business model because, really, the pros BY FAR outweigh the cons. By far!
There are so many awesome things about this income stream and as you get your sites successful you can get an extremely high degree of personal freedom!

The other video I mention in the video:
How to write blogposts faster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfBzdNZRSUE

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Ambrose Francis says:

Where did you find those writers? I tried HireWriters – but they don't provide quality that much. Hired Skilled writers with over 4.1 ratings.

Simply Selling says:

Another great video. I think my biggest challenge is trying to make my website run fast on mobile and desktop. This seems to take a lot of my time. I'm wondering if should pay someone to help speed up my site? Hard to write content when trying to deal with issues like this. What do you recommend?

Ansar ullah says:

I have another question. I have a website in non YMYL niche, but if I write an article of the type" Is xyz safe to use?" is that considered YMYL? For example will you go for this keyword" Are electronic sewing machines safe?" Keeping in mind that the site is brand new and the article will contain terms related to health and fitness etc.

Prem D says:

Thanks Morten…

Hasta La Vista Boss says:

Awesome tips Boss 🙂 😎
Point #2 … 100% AGREE! That's why I LOVE to make friends and network with awesome guys and gals like you and just talk about what we do. Many times, my friends and family will not understand me hahaha
Great video Morten! 🍺

Shanto says:

Useful information as always!
I just got a question, if I update a short paragraph on my post, will google treat it as a new article and lose my position in top 10?

How to update articles without losing current position?

Thank you very much!

Madhusanka kumara says:

Thanks a lot😀

mantosh kumar says:

great suggestion

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