Earn 508$ Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing in 2020 [Step by Step] + 5 Practical Examples

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Affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies to make passive income online from home.
In this video, I will show you step by step how to start in Affiliate marketing to build a real online business for you and start earning 500$ to 10000$ passive income.

I will start by explaining what is affiliate marketing in seconds, then I will talk about the 3 step formula to succeed in affiliate business which is:
1.Choosing the correct product
2. Creating content related to the product
3. Getting Traffic to Your content.
Also, I will share with my earning and my strategies and how do I drive traffic to get more clicks on my affiliate links.

What is covered in the mini-course:
Intro 0:00
What is affiliate marketing 2:11
How and where to start in this business? 3:07
Affiliate Marketing by writing articles 3:30
Create YouTube videos to promote affiliate links 6:68
Udemy Free courses and sharing affiliate links 8:09
Promote affiliate content with social media 9:45
Email Marketing for affiliate without spamming 10:53
Importance of short links [Important Tip] 14:19

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Enrique Lithios says:

That's amazing

Rony Mondol says:

Bro i need smtv sarver.


Bro 💥💥💥 please first understand my concern then answer me.

In envato market such as codecanyon

can we receive money from our clients in url shortner script with basica licence.

As there are 3 licence
1. Regular

2. Extented licence.

And they have already mentioned something about charging fee from client but I can't understand them.

So i want you to tell me that is it legal to charge monthly payment from client in a basic regular licence.

And if yes then what is the benefit of extented licence.

My second question is that

when a user pay to us then our money is directly goes to PayPal account or is hold in our website

and later when we want we can withdraw it.

Please clarify me.

I am very impressed by your video and now I want to start my own business like you

But I have a question which i ask you.

Hope you reply me soon.

Rachid El says:

Hi Hassan , you are always sharing a such gold strategies with us. May God bless you 🙂
My first question is how to get email marketing newsletter content and how often to email my email list regularly in order to not burn it ?
My second question is what is the best time to send an affiliate link to my list? Is it after every 3 emails o more.
I'm really confused and lost. I hope you can answer my questions please.
Thank you very much 🙂

arya says:

woow magician brother . i asked i think u covered looked at the notification i hope u cover native ads in this looking to watch the video 🙂

Crazy Racipes says:

Very useful informations Thank You.

hossain chowdhury says:

Very good 👍

Sayih Academy says:

thank you again <3

Azam Khan says:

Thanks for the nice video! Kindly tell me are you providing link cloaking service as well?

Md Tanmoy Hasan says:

I think you will be a billionaire one day

Mithlesh Sharma says:

Sir one thing i want to ask you that where we find the content for our blogs, websites and other social network ..🙏help us

Mithlesh Sharma says:

Greatest ever sir thank you for it 🙏 and nice example of your own affiliate links …

Inam ullah says:

What is the best solution of google dance. i.e a site change their position very frequently from 2nd page to 4th page in google and vice versa.How to control over this issue..?????
Plxxxx reply

Badr Yassine says:

The best notification of the hall day ❤️🔥

marcin sarna says:

H educate the Best :p

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