Live well with $500mo in #Gambia. Retirement, passive income and Work options

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Yes, you can live well with $500 in the Gambia and we want to show you how! Amerikka lied to us, ya’ll!
If you missed yesterday’s Webinar “25 FAQS ABOUT REPATRIATION” playback is available

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💵-Monthly budget
📚-Career path/Business ownership
💡-Mental health support
🍀-Health care and naturopathic remedies
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦-Child care options
🏘-Real estate investment opportunities

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Art Cathey says:

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Sherri Mcclarey says:


Rosa Bivins says:

Thanks y’all so much this is what I’m talking about were we as Blacks are looking out for each other …love y’all y’all make me want to 😢 💯 I’m talking with family now ..Thanks for sharing 🤗

M O says:

It ain't hard living in the Gambia at all. Just ditch your high expectations at the airport and go with an open mind.

Madeline Jones says:

this is so wonderful 🥰

The Bossman says:

14k subscribers and counting

What's Inside Africa? says:

Awesome video, i have a video about budgeting in Africa too, come to Kenya, best beaches in the world, white sands

kalunda says:

From Buganda Kingdom East Africa I never realised United Graves of Blacks and Natives was that bad shit!!! I can’t see myself going there my next destination is back home great content

asilvers1622 says:

Tried to send email to gain access to the webinar, but came back as undeliverable.

Curious Kettle says:

I'm always African minded

Naparaye Menna says:

so inspiring! Do you have any need for an art Professor or an art history professor? I specialize in ancient and African art history and I teach multiple medias of art. And $500 a month plus around how much do you imagine in everyday living expenses such as groceries and Leisure? Thank you, from Southern California… Your channel is amazing! My family loves it! Keep up the good work

Larry Wilson says:

Thanks for sharing Art Cathey….

The Black Business Builder says:

Dang yall lookin good that Afrikan ☀️ treating yall well

derrick1981 says:

I'm 38 too, Its something about those 80's babies we'll migrate quick fast and in a hurry. As least the Vets.

CJ J says:

Note: white rice increases the risk of diabetes; research why. If eat rice, better to eat blown rice, in small amount at a time

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