Creating A Passive Income Trucking Company With Just $5,000

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Flynn Harper says:

These clicks are mad aggressive 😂😅😁 keep doing your thing JT love your content.

Mike Vick says:

The Hustle Continues!

Ginger Mims says:

What about the monthly insurance payments?

whoknew says:

Come on JT with all these ads bro. Lol Preciate you sharing tho. Aaaaayyee, he was calculating hard. 🤣

CLASS says:

Man you are a blessing and will receive your blessings 10 fold!!! Hopefully your starting a trend by showing other YouTubers videos(I actually thought of that idea a few years ago😜) because that’s real love and more money for all of us!
Also 3,000 a month not doing anything but overseeing the business is some serious goals

Stretch says:

You hiring drivers for your courier company?

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