What Is Passive Income and How It Will Change Your Life

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What is passive income and how it will change your life
In this video, Matt discusses passive income and the power it has to change your life. Imagine your life without needing to report to a 40 hour per week job, doing anything you want with your time, having unlimited income potential, receiving checks in your mailbox each month. This is the power of passive income and multiple sources of income. Passive income is incredibly powerful and is absolutely life-changing, to implement this strategy will free you up from your job and allow you to do anything you want with your time.
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Any information discussed in this video is not investment, financial, accounting, tax, or legal advice in anyway. This video was produced for entertainment purposes only and should not be viewed as recommendations or advice in any capacity. Consult with your financial advisor before making any financial, investment, accounting, or legal decisions.

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Blind to Billionaire says:

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Diana Scott says:

Hey Thank-you for info ☺
We still haven't received first stimulus. 😥

Sandy Aston says:

I'm on ssi are the people on ssi will they be getting another stimulus check too help us

Blind Toes says:

Good video and information to toes up

Paula Butts says:

Oh sounds great didn't no. But yes I need to write a book😎😎

Malva Scurry says:


Tina Hagerty says:

Hi matt have a good day just saying helloooo

Austin Beitl says:

How are you

Love my DandyLion says:


Carolyn Wilson says:

Hello Mr. Max thank For the Information 👍 were is Mrs. Corey

Tim Farris says:

Wow Matt. Theirs no limit to making money that's why I'm glad we live in the USA the sky is the limit thanks Matt for posting …

Cindyray Perry says:

Good Afternoon, I wish I could write a book, there was something I wanted to do a few years ago, it had to do with a kind of ice cream that has never been invented, I talked to someone about it, and they said that I would have to pay for the project, it was tons of money, and to this day it still has not been invented, i guess know one ever thought of this kind of ice cream

Stephan Katsari says:

Thanks Matt! This video couldn’t have come at a better time. In Ontario, the disability support program stops rolling in at 60 years old. Now 35, it’s been on my mind the last couple days on how I’m going to go about supporting myself and doing some research on what I can do to better prepare. Recently joined your channel within the month and I love the content. Thanks for all the information you provide us all.

Scott Barlow says:

Let's talk more about the successful sources of passive income that have worked for you since you seem to have done so well with it. Thanks for the video. Income seems to always be an issue with most blind people.

kia smith says:

Hello thank you for the updates

Lynda Martel says:

Can't wait for more information to come thanks again 😊

Shawn Howard says:

Great video Matt. I’ve been waiting to get into passive income. Would love some start up ideas. Hope y’all are having a great day. See y’all soon.

Kim Lackey says:

Hey Matt, you know this is my favorite topic!!! I am finally out of debt, have a little money in the bank, and came across a new idea a couple of weeks ago. After I research it a little more, I will send you some information about it.

I like playing FFF tone clusters. says:

Thanks for the info Matt. Have you heard of index funds as well? I’ve only discovered them recently and they might be a good option for passive income as well although they do seem a lot more risky since it relies on the stock market from what I understand. Also you probably know this already but just in case you don’t, be very wary of any comments asking if you want to be friends or partners. Usually these are bot scam accounts that will steal your google account information. A name I’ve seen pop up a lot, maybe not in your comments is Zimer Tracks.

Bruce Davis says:

Hi my friend thx for your information

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