5 High-Yield Dividend Stocks to Buy for Passive Income

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In today’s video I am going through a list of 5 different stocks that I think are some of the best dividend stocks you can buy right now and hold or the long term.
But I did hunt down and find a good dividend stock I would buy that as a relatively hefty dividend that is also relatively safe according to the dividend safety score I use on track your dividends when looking at stocks So stay tuned for that one!
1. CVS:
CVS Health Corporation is a health care service company that operates through Pharmacy Services, retail or long term care, health care benefits and corporate. Most well known for their retail and pharmacy stores.
CVS offers a 3.12% dividend and has a great dividend safety score of 90 out of 100. Payout ratio of only 36.26%! This is great because it shows it is holding a lot of its profits that it can reinvest back into the business and the potential of having to cut the dividend is really low.
With a PE ratio of 11.63 and a price to book ratio of 1.29, it looks like right now is a good time to pick up shares in CVS. Especially with the big play it has played part in during the roni illness. They recently acquired Aetna, a health insurance company and has also partnered with Nuro for the future of prescription delivery using self-driving cars just shows how CVS is able to adapt and provide more value to its customers.
2. JNJ
The 2nd stock on the list is another health care stock and that is JNJ. JNJ is a healthcare giant that honestly acts as its own healthcare ETF pretty much with just how diversified this company really is.
Now looking at the dividend history chart, JNJ has consecutively raised their dividend for 22 years and just raised their dividend back in April from $.95 per share to $1.01 a share. This is great to see bc when you have a stock that is going to consistently grow their dividend every year thank about what that will do to you dividend income over 20 to 30 years of owning that stock.
3. JPM
Now some of you may not like this pick right now with everything going on but I am an investor that believes the bank stocks are a good buy right now and will be continuing to buy if they drop in the short term. I recently did a video where I dive a lot more into the bank stocks if you guys want to check out that video.
Now looking at the dividend specifics of JPM, it has a dividend safety score of 75 and a payout ratio of only 33.38% based on trailing 12 month earnings, looking at the fwd payout ratio is right around 72% so a air higher that the comfort range of 60% or lower. It is currently has a dividend yield of 3.6%.
4. MMM
This next stock is one of my favorite stocks I own in my portfolio and that is 3M. 3M just like JNJ is a very diversified company that operates in the fields of industry, worker safety, health care, and consumer goods.
3M has a dividend safety score of 74 out of 100, payout ratio of 63% and is also a dividend aristocrat meaning it has consecutively grown its dividend for more than 25 years but better than that, it is also part of the dividend kings which are companies who have raised their dividend for 50+ years. JNJ is alos on that list that I forgot to mention.
5. EPD
The next and final stock on this list is Enterprise Products. Enterprise Products Partners LP operates as holding company, which engages in the production and trade of natural gas and petrochemicals. It operates through the following segments: NGL Pipelines & Services, Crude Oil Pipelines & Services, Natural Gas Pipelines & Services, and Petrochemical & Refined Products Services.
Now just to let you guys know… this one is a bit riskier of investments as opposed to the others on the list so just beware and make sure you are doing your own research when buying stocks.

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JJ Buckner says:

✔ Get 2 Free Stocks on WeBull (Valued up to $1400 when you deposit $100):

Stock Drip says:

I currently have two shares of EPD… i like their dividend as well… I was thinking of getting another share of JNJ When it hit 139 … now it’s on its way up..

arthrodea says:

Hey JJ, How do you decide how much to put in your 401K vs a brokerage account? Esp if you have in a higher income bracket, where probably when you retire your tax bracket will be lower, is there even an advantage to doing a back door Roth, esp when you can't access your money until your really old?

Matthew Shepherd says:

Stella Artois is called "wife beater" in some parts of the UK 😂

Lenardo Tomas says:

No doubt that Bitcoin/stock trading is a great opportunity of making money 💵

Nnagozie I says:

JJ….I have a portfolio value of over 20k. I am new to this and want to make day trading a full time. what do I need to go from here?

Financial Beanstalk says:

Great picks JJ! Added to my positions this morning in the couple I have from this list.

M C says:

what website do you use to check these dividends? With the scores on it

The Robinhood Portfolio says:

Like this to get a 500% return in your portfolio this year.

roadlifeandfitness says:

Hopefully Papa JJ makes free stocks rain on the grandkids.

Broke Man Finance says:

Diggin the bottle breacher!

Jurgen Debooserie says:

Belgian in the house! Try Duvel or Leffe Blonde. Belgian as well.

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