Dividend Investing: DIVIDEND CHALLENGE For Monthly Passive Income [week 40]

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Dividend Investing: ROBINHOOD CHALLENGE For Monthly Passive Income
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Cherry Tung - Finance & Fashion says:

My group coaching program CLOSES today! Join now: https://bit.ly/c2c150off
plus you get $150 off!

Andy Nguyen says:

Nice growth cherry!

Invest With Queenie says:

Nice content keep killing it 😊

Manuel Campbell says:

I am curious.. how can your portfolio go up when all the stocks in the market are going down ? 😳
I know you are transparent and show it all, but I missed that part… 🤔
Just let me know, I will do the same with my portfolio ! 🤑

sarbada varun says:

Which is the best platform to invest money? I'm looking for passive investing. Also what is the best long term ETF to invest in? I'm looking for great long term returns and I'm ok with short term volatility.

John Mitchell says:

Great job as always

Farmer Kevin says:

Don't know why every retail investor own CCL? The company could goes into bankruptcy without moment notice too risky. They're paying creditors 11 percent interest with collateral that is too risky. You basically gambling not investing.

Tony Benson says:

Another great video Cherry

Pure Technical Analysis says:

Welcome all to my channel as well.

Mark Soberay says:

Hmmmm have you computed the Sharpe ratio on those portfolios?

Steven Cruz says:

What time do you wake up? Haha.

Black Vito - Moneyology says:

Keep it up cherry tung💰

Gaelen Mast Investing says:

Great video! Out of curiosity, why do you use multiple brokers for the same goal of dividend investing?

Thomas Reed says:

I'm pretty much using the VOO ETF at this point. After Thursday when that market sharply dropped i didn't think my face was gonna turn white from seeing my 3 stocks go from around a $250 total gain all the way to near a $120 in a single market day. So once it was at -$80 i sold them for what profit i had left and placed it into the ETF afterwards. By the end of the day the total gain for me was at $80 something.

I just don't trust the governments choices at this point, but when i had BAC last week with 23 shares i beat the S&P 500 by its 1 year gain (11%) by 3 times on capital gains with a single stock. So i'll check that off of my bucket list since i got it on video for beating it at that moment last week. 😀

BalambSqually says:

Did you buy a lot of shares on Thursday? A lot of of good stuff on sale yesterday. 🙂

DJ Scary says:

Why censored? I thought you are transparent

Ghost says:

cool video my guy

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