5 good passive income idea

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Desert Pearl says:

Please talk about online business sir.

Arun Arun says:



Dear Sir,

Gold price peaked during September 2012 (Rs.3000/gm) after that surge it collapsed by more than 25% in December 2015 and finally regained to same level during July 2019.

Kindly explain this collapse.

Kalai _ says:

Sir : ungalukku neraya skills irukum
Me : irruku, skills irruku (TR video background cool suresh voice modulation)

suresh balaji says:

Sir, Your voice seems to be different..take care

Ajith Aro says:

Sir i have a doupt on this moratorium plan. I activated moratorium plan on Apr – May. I am willing to pre close the personal loan on coming nov or dec, but they are saying i cant do for next one year. Anywhere i didn't see the terms and conditions like that. Is it crt or not? Pls help

Indira Durai Raj says:


Speedy Make Money Tamil says:

Good thoughts : Active Income and passive income, if we addition improvement source of passive income we can enjoy lifetime benefits.. Thanks for the video..

manigandan E says:

Repeat video

I don't Care says:

Money pochu

suresh ramasamy says:

Sir, plz dont confuse passive income with active income….wat u hav explained r except rent n royalty r active income.

vbalajibt says:

Hi sir. These are not passive income

young investor- தமிழ் says:

If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.
– warren buffet.

Muthu Pandian says:

Sir good evening sir,best invesmaent purpose physical gold or sovergin gold bond

Udaya Singh says:

Translation super sir

Dinesh Dhoni says:

Sir please make a video on high income skills for India?

Tamilan T says:

Sir please say about peer to peer lending by 5paisa loan

Swaminathan Balasubramanian says:

Sir, do a video on Many builders who take money from customers as GST and don’t give back. One builder Urban Tree did like this to me. Please avoid

partheeban p says:

Hai sir share market theryathavanga eppadi invest pannanum ?

chithirai selvan says:

ஐயா வர வர உங்க ஐடியா active income…. ஐடியா தான்… நான் அட்வொகேட்.. இதல்லாம் how it possible my professional?

Praveen samuel says:

I think you are confused with active and passive income. Passive income is the source of income you earn when you sleep eg: creating business model, investing in stocks. Active income is the income need your presence and time to make money eg: 9-5 job, youtube channel.

Pat says:

Most of what you've told are additional money making ways (except the rent/royalty stuff) but I feel they don't come under the passive income category as passive income should generate money even when you sleep – so if u sell your skills then you have to actively contribute your time and effort and hence wnt be under passive income. Also selling unwanted stuff might be a source to raise extra capital; however I dont fewl this even still qualifies for passive income as it is a one time payout.

Sathya Raj says:

Please to clarify if I am getting rights in some of the equity share can I sell the rights to open market or I have to buy the rights and then only sell to market or someone



Konjam Samayal Konjam Semippu says:

Some more passive income ideas:
1. Do you write well – Start your blog and earn adrevenue. Eg: personal website, Blogger, etc
2. Got good core knowledge in a specific topic with good presentation skills – Start your own YouTube page. Eg: Money pechu
3. Are you are good programmer, teacher, professor? Register yourself in Udemy, Urbanpro, Vedantu sell your online recorded sessions
4. Taking surveys (this considered as both active and passive) Eg: YouGov, Rakuten Insights
5. Got a cool idea – Develop an app and put it on play store and earn ad revenue
6. Got a good camera mobile – Take nice pics and sell it on shutterstock and other online places
– All the best by Konjam Samayal Konjam Semippu சேனல்

Ashok kumar says:

Sir already uploaded video pola team y uploading again…like nimmys budget for 5 days…

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