How Much Passive Income From $71,000 In Dividend Stocks?

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I thought it would be interesting to figure out how much in passive income I am currently earning from my dividend portfolio. So, here is how much I am earning each day, month and year from my M1 Finance dividend portfolio.

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Jon Martinez says:

Looks Great sir

David Y says:

DRIP is where it's at

Stock Investment Analysis says:

I like a combination of growth and yield as well. You get the best of both worlds!

Steven Rosa says:

How come you havent averaged down in GE?

rtcmanga - JDM, Nismo & more Fridays from Japan! says:

so it was indeed a good move to invest in Boeing! Well done! 😀

Investing Sensei says:

Dividend growth investing is such a beautiful thing 😁

Gdomz says:

Ik this whole video is on dividends and everyone is talking about dividends but heads up consider the $BETZ sports and Igaming ETF. Gambling is just getting jump started and like you said in the video at this point the market isn’t as attractive as it was 3 months ago. The crash was the only reason I even started investing. I think when sports open back up this ETF will grow fast and is an affordable option when compared to buying individual shares in companies

DonFronShow says:

Why not some monthly payers like DIV or PFF

Thomas John says:

18.20 a month so far!

sprsumfalwin says:

So true. Now i focus on divident investing when greed is everywhere

ims19901 says:

Who is still getting very small dividends. Me. Beginner. 😁🙌

Zach Wolfe says:

Hope everyone is enjoying another day in the sunshine 🌞 of lies that is the fed propping up this market 🤗

Levithos says:

It's like a DRIP but much easier to get into. I love my M1 account. I already have a 6% return on dividends and growth.

Dan Lyons says:

Really loving this series.

I have Ruger RGR in my retirement account. It pays a nice dividend. They have a great operation. Running under very little debt. The price can move around a lot. Due to demand for guns. But as these past couple months have shown. Owning some gun stocks can pay off in short/long term.


Great video very helpful for all of us. I enjoyed watching this very much!

Motorcar Classics says:

Patience pays

Eric Anderson says:

What was the total dollar amount from 71,000$ dividend stock? How much does that pay quarterly?

Ted Patrick Baird says:

Holding onto that BA stock is gonna be a huge money maker $$$

El Facha says:

Ryan, I prefer fewer positions and a higher yield:

#ABBV 93
#KO 200
#T 252
#MMM 41
#JNJ 50

All of them are aristocrats, 40k invested, giving 1.75k annually (minus taxes of course) 

Broker: Firstrade -> Established since 1985, no trade commissions, no custody commissions. Free DRIP.

Love your videos, thanks man!

Clownan around says:

Great video

Samuel Lewis says:

Great vid Ryan ! I make videos on Oil/MJ/Dividend stocks, would be great if you could check it out !!

Kyle Zammit says:

Do you reinvest dividends on stocks or only ETFs?

Big Taiter says:

Awesome video. Still need to kiss you for the VTIQ call out lol

Dylan Church College Finance says:

I invested $500 in GE when it was around $5 a share, I’m at a 35+% return in that company. A few more percentage points and I’m selling because I think (I MYSELF think) it’s a freakin Jenga tower. Great video as always man

Edit: I thought it said you had 1M shares in GE for $15k and I was like what?! When’d they go negative 😂

Maxwelhse says:

I took a small position in JETS at around $13.50 when you first mentioned it… Glad I did!

Alexius Hale Dubuque says:

I've finally decided to payoff my remaining student loans debt before continuing new investments. While I'm doing this, I will use a phantom account to learn how to invest in index funds and individual stocks. It's super hard to stay discplined but if I continue this course, I'll be debt free my March 2021. Please share some of your strategies how to identify stocks for your consideration.

TheCapitalist Investor says:

I really think you are going to hit $100k before the end of the year my friend. Keep up the good work.

urinfamousr79 says:

sucks you sold BA as it gaped up 25 dollars today

Beast from the East says:

Yo NKLA blew up!!!!

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