Selling Put Options On Robinhood For WEEKLY Passive Income

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Selling Put Options On Robinhood For WEEKLY Passive Income
Trading options does not have to be risky or dangerous. It’s all about your education. In this video I will trade a put option for you and show you exactly how I make passive income every single week selling put options on the robinhood app. If done correctly you can minimize risk and make some sweet passive income.

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xxFox Loverxx says:

Hey Brad, thanks for the video. What kind of research do you do before purchasing or do you just go with reputable companies. You mentioned you knew you wanted to purchase Wellsfargo, I’m new to this but very interested to learn more.

Investing Teacher says:

I've been selling puts on realty income 20% lower than current price, made over $100 in premiums past 2 months. Bought 2 shares of realty essentially free.

Jon Schoeller says:

I have been interested in this. I am very risk adverse but still interested. Thanks for putting this out.

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