Passive Income June 2020 | Dividends | Websites | YouTube | CERB

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My $3,000 Of Passive Income For June 2020 Comes From Dividend Stocks, Websites, YouTube & CERB. This Is My Passive Income Investor Financial Freedom Journey Report!
All this money might not be classed as passive income but I made it all from home some even well I was sleeping! Passive Income sources for June 2020,
YouTube – Making Just under $300
Canadian Emergency Response Benefit or CERB – $2000
Dividend stock paid out – $259
Websites Paid out – Over $1,000

Now this Passive income is before the expenses as I am just bringing in under a thousand a month keeping in line with the government compliance to receive the CERB!

If you want to learn more about dividend stocks or passive income investing consider out new website – Passive Income Educator

Tv show…/magic-caught-on-ca…/episodes

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This is a reminder I am not a financial adviser and this video is for entertainment purposes only!

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Rod Sacluti Hive says:

What’s your take on Fortis? Thank you

newbielives says:

I feel instead of dividend investing you should be selling covered calls. With 150K you should make something like 2-4k depending on what kind of stocks you are selling call options on.

Freedom Hustler says:

$452 for 54K views is pretty good! I guess the investment niche has a high CPM.

Jeff Couture says:

Thanks for the video !

Stock Investment Analysis says:

April and May dividends are looking beautiful! I see you have GEO and its massive dividend payout. How safe do you see GEO and its dividend going forward?

Chimpoko Bro says:

Would love to receive dividends as cash but my 35k portfolio is subject to commission fees so I’m all about the DRIP’s until I can crack 50k. Great day for REITs, thank you RioCan and BPY 😍

Jeff Davis says:

Honestly dude, counting CERB as passive income is not legit.

Mr. Dividend Investor says:

Nice spreadsheet 🤙

Growth Dividend Investing with Joe Ball says:

🔥🔥🔥I smashed that 👍

Marc-Antoine Lalonde says:

Keep up the hard work! I'm sure your channel's revenues will explode in the coming months/years 🙂

Tyler says:

wanna be friends?

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