How I Built A $150,000 Stock Portfolio In 5 years | Passive Income Investing

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The Steps I Took To Building $150,000 Stock Portfolio After Being $20,000 In Debt! It Took 5 Years To Build This 6 Figure Stock Portfolio From A Combination Of Growth Stocks, With A Primary Focus On Dividend Stocks Generating Passive Income!

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This is a reminder I am not a financial adviser and this video is for entertainment purposes only!

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That’s amazing!!! Congrats !

Omar To says:

Where in Ontario do you live?

Saahib Khan says:

Thanks for sharing insights Kyle. Oh and were they real sheep 😉 ? lol

Alee says:

Your motivation is contagious!

Russ Wes says:

15-20% Roi in amazing. do u think that will continue in the future?

Chuck Andary says:

Your awesome i have been learning so much from you….i also live in Ontario I'm from a small town called Leamington…but I feel I have done the best with what I had when I started…but now I'm doing way more thanks to you and the community…look forward to all your videos….cheers

Stock Investment Analysis says:

But where is your magic skills like on Andrei Jikh's channel? You could have a battle of investing magicians haha.

Dillon Determan says:

great video

Emerson Alvarado says:

Canadian Andrei jikh lol. But nice portfolio

SocialBounty Money Making App says:

i really like your content DDng

My Daughter's Dividend Investing Journey says:

In 5 years! Great turnaround!

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