7 Best Stocks For Passive Income (On Robinhood)

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These are my 7 best stocks for passive income that I have invested with Robinhood

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I love passive income! Here’s how I build it. My intent is NOT to show off how much money I have, it’s more to show you my journey in real time, and when someone showed me their journey many many years ago, it’s what sparked my interest in personal finance and I think that has incredible value. I’m by no means a millionaire, my journey is happening for everyone to see in real time – along with my successes and my mistakes – which I will make.

#7 – HRL, Hormel Foods, probably a company you’ve never heard of before, but I guarantee you that you’ve bought a product of theirs before. This stock has grown 47% and it represents Just .3% of my portfolio, which means at some point I need to buy more.

Here’s how I know if I should buy more stocks. I try to have around 1% to 5% of my portfolio. I try not to have more than 10% in any individual company whether that’s by income, or by the actual VALUE of the stock price in relation to my portfolio but for example, if I know I want to own 20 stocks, I know I should aim for no more than 5% of my portfolio in each stock if I want to be 100% even. You can take 100, and divide that by the amount of stocks you want to own to determine that number.

Hormel Foods is also paying me around 2% per year. I try to aim for about 4% but not much more than that, the reason I own this one even though it’s only 2% is because it’s been seeing a double digit growth rate at 11% and it has a dividend Safety score of 99 out of 100

#6 is JNJ is a pharma giant which makes up about 6% of my portfolio which is a very large position considering how many stocks I own.

JNJ recently INCREASED it’s dividend by 6% in April, which makes that their 58th year in a row to increase their dividend, despite everything going on in the world, that’s the kind of stability I love to see and makes me sleep well at night. One of the coolest things about Johnson and Johnson is that it’s also got a safety score of 99 and that’s probably the reason why this stock has grown 50.3% for me since I purchased it. I wish I had more of JNJ, one of my favorites. Unfortunately, it’s a 2 star stock, making it expensive to buy right now but I’m always watching it’s price.

#5 UNP Union Pacific, a railroad company which just like MONOPOLY, you gotta own this piece of 32,000 miles of railroad track that has increased 61.6% in the last 5 years alone.

#4 LIN 67.2 At we’ve got Linde which has grown 67.2% since I’ve bought it, Linde has had an uninterrupted growth streak of 28 years, and it will be really interesting to see if they can keep it up throughout this time. If I had to bet my money, considering they have a 99 safety score which is as safe as you can get, I will say YES, they will continue with the dividend increases throughout the economic distress so if you’re seeking modest income and growth while staying safe – I like this stock

#3 GWW – WW Grainger is a company that you probably don’t know much about either. It’s got EVERYTHING to do with providing, maintaining, and repairing tools. This stock has grown a massive 70.37% since I started investing in it, it’s got a VERY healthy balance sheet with ONLY a 33% payout ratio. This means of all the money this company makes, it only pays 33% to shareholders which is WAY below what the average dividend company would pay out. This means more room for growing the 1.86% dividend yield. Though it’s pretty slow with growth, the 48 CONTINUOUS years of dividend payments along with the 99 dividend safety score more than makes up for it’s lower yield.

#2 NSC is another railroad company with almost 20,000 miles of railroad transporting goods with 18 years of continuous dividend increases. This company has increased 85.7% since I bought it almost doubling my money. It’s got an incredible 47% modest payout ratio, 2.1% dividend yield, and 18% growth of the dividend last year which is incredibly high and what you want to look for when a stock is paying you in the low 2% dividend yield. It’s also got a WHOPPING 86 dividend safety score making it one of my favorites.

#1 The BEST stock OVERALL that I have ever bought, is …. ONE GIANT fruit company – Apple, which has increased 178% in price appreciation alone since I began investing in it.

Please be aware that this video is not investing advice, but I do think these companies should be a part of most portfolios if you are a dividend investor seeking passive income.


Bennett Wilbert says:

Love these update videos!

Josh Howard says:

Now I open my Robinhood app and ask myself: "What Would Andrei Do"? He is the mack daddy of trading.

Reynolds White says:

Also, HD is super solid

Epstien Didnt Kill Himself says:

Isnt webull a Chinese company?

Muhammad Siddiqui says:

Liked the video first before even watching it completely coz I've done my research, your videos are super fun and worth watching, thanks to your videos I started investing recently.

Rob Canten says:

Join Webull. Get a free stock of Levi. That's all they give!

Ordinary Man says:

you have started to invest without letting us know. fed is better than you. they announce and get into action.

Reynolds White says:

NSC for the win baby!

Ronnie Kelvin says:

I've always been an advocate of the stock market because it has paid off handsomely since I decided to invest in it with Mr Jerry Ferdinand


Man the first part you did joking is so true 😂💯

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I'm gonna to retire thanks to TSLA lol

That Medic says:

I’ve just started investing and I’m too trigger happy atm

John says:

LoL !
Love it.

Samrath bery says:

I am 16 yrs old in India and I invest 80 percent of my allowance in dividend stocks which I like . Currently i own 6300 dollars worth of stocks …

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Yo can you perform for my son's next bday, that magic is on point… 👌

Angélica Polo says:

How many stocks you have? That pie chart was scary.

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so your saying the market will drop again and I should hold onto my dividend money and put it into more dividend stocks when it drops again.

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Dude… how did you do that?

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first 3 minutes of fluff every video gets annoying

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Thanks for the video, Andrei. Always love to see the little bubbly fat heads on the jokes ahha 🤣 Keep it up and stay safe

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The trick at 1:33 brought out the nerd in me and had me smashing the like button!

Mr. Léon says:

Please make a channel just for magic. I love your magic here, but I can tell it stifled. I want to see more! I love your financial content also but people get suspicious when you make their money disappear.

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